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요즘 가장 많이 뜨고 있는 존피터 백팩 브랜드에 대한 정보입니다.

The John Peters New York's design set the stage for industry standards and are copied by every fashion house in the world !

전 세계 가방의 Standard가 된 “존피터(John Peters New York)” 디자인

"When John Peters, the unwitting pioneer of the hippest container around,
founded his company in 1980, he didn't exactly picture Henri Bendel as the backdrop for his messenger bags, which range from $12 to 120. But as soon as high-end accessory designers like Prada and Helmut Lang turned to the streer for inspiration, Fifth Avenue establishments suddenly became his business.

A lifelong mountaineer, Peters used to make his own gear("Eastpak watched every move I ever made, "he claims), When he loaded up his VW Bug out West and landed in Manhattan, Peters asked the question, "Why can't city dwellers have the same high-tech features and closures as backpackers?"

In 1980, he applied Cordura Plus nylon to his shoulder-strap bags. Nowadays, he's justifiably paranoid when a customer comes to his East Village shop three days in a row, studies the new designs, and leaves empty-handed. Though he curses those who have capitalized on his design -- "They've already stolen my logo"-- he hasn't patented anything.

Ultimately he believes, with typical shaggy-climber humility, that his bags are "just functional." Indeed, aside from his varying shapes, closures, and colors(he's created some 400 patterns), Peters hasn't changed the basic formula from year to year. "I'm sticking with the same ballistic nylon I used back in 1983." At least they can't touch his fabric recipe. "Nobody knows my secrets," says the proud Vietnam vet."

(courtesy : Jonathan Kantor)

"Backpacker John Peters' squarely utilitarian bags, as carried on Fifth Avenue by bike messenger-- and Henri Bendel" 

Bike Messenger들의 사랑으로 뉴욕 5번가,
뉴욕 최고의 명품관인 ‘Henri Bendel’에 서게 된 존피터 가방.

Now with his factory and design offices located near Woodstock, NY, Peters continues to design and produce the same high quality, American made classics as he has done for close to 3 decades, now under the label JOHN PETERS NEW YORK (EST. 1980).

He is also producing a special collection of bags under the label PETERS MOUNTAIN WORKS(EST. 1978).

존피터(John Peters)는 어느새 가장 앞서가는 가방의 개척자가  되었지만 1980년에 그의 회사를 설립할 때만 하더라도 뉴욕 최고의 명품관인 헨리 벤델에 그의 메신저백을 내걸지 않았다. 당시 그의 메신저백은 $12에서 $120 정도의 가격이었다. 그러나 프라다나 헬무트 랭 (Helmut Lang)과 같은 최고급 디자이너들이 영감을 얻기 위해 거리로 나오기 시작하면서 뉴욕 5번가는 그의 사업무대가 되었다.

등산을 좋아했던 존피터(John Peters)는 자신의 장비와 복장을 스스로 만들곤 했는데 이스트백(“Eastpak” )이 자신이 만들어온 디자인들을 늘 모방해 오는 점에 대해 불평해 왔다. 그가 맨하탄에 왔을 때, 존피터는 “왜 이곳 도시 사람들은 백팩커로서 모두 좋은 가방을 가지지 못했을까?”라는 의문을 제기하곤 했다.

존피터는 1980년에 “Cordura Plus nylon” 소재를 그의 숄더백에 적용했다. 요즘 John Peters는  그의 매장에 찾아온 손님들이 몇 일 내내 방문하여 새로운 디자인을 살펴보고는 빈손으로 떠나가는 것을 보면 서운해 할 만한 이유가 있다. 그는 그동안 그의 디자인을 바탕으로 돈을 벌기위해 상업화 하는 사람들에게 큰 도움을 주었지만, 정작 그는 자신의 디자인에 대해 법적인 보호를 받지 않아 결과적으로 그의 디자인을 모두 빼앗겼기 때문이다.

전형적인 등산가인 존피터는 궁극적으로 그의 가방이 기능적이다 라고 믿고 있다. 그는 이미 400개가 넘는 패턴을 만들어 왔음에도 불구하고. 디자인 모양, 재질, 색상 등에 있어서는 세월이 지나도 기본적인 형태에는 변화를 주지 않고 있다. “나는 1983년에 가방에 적용했던 같은 ballistic nylon 소재를 사용하고 있습니다.” 최소한 사람들은 John Peters의 가방 소재에 대해서도 따라오지 못하고 있는 것이었다.

백팩커인 존피터의 당당하고 실용적인 가방들은 이제, 자전거 메신저들로 부터의 인기를 바탕으로    뉴욕 5번가와 뉴욕 최고의 명품관인 헨리 벤델에서 판매하게 되었다.

존피터는 현재 뉴욕에 위치한 디자인 사무소와 공장을 통해 그가 30년 동안 만들어온 것과 같은 높은 퀄리티의 제품을 디자인 및 생산하고 있으며, 존피터뉴욕(JOHN PETERS NEW YORK)이라는 브랜드를 통해 출시되고 있다. ALL MADE IN NEW YORK.

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    Introduction in the early fourth Century North India small bristly ,King Chandragupta Gupta ?I ( about 320 ~ 330reign) according to Fahrenheit city as its capital, establish the gupta .
    Shamotuo ?Gupta ( about 330 ~ 380,incumbent ) take conquer policy ,unified the North India .In addition ,land and sea and into the South conquering Orissa ,Eastern Deccan ,leading to the Pallava Kingdom capital records .
    Chandragupta Gupta II ?( ultradian king ,380 ~ 415 in the conquest of Wu Yan ) ?The plug for the governor capture ,malvar ,card to AVA and sindh .Except Western Punjab and Kashmir ,India north to the Gupta Dynasty territory, Gupta Dynasty so far reached its peak period .
    Jiumoluo ?Gupta a world (415 ~ 455reign) era, the Gupta dynasty still can maintain the stable situation of northern India .Plug built Tuo ?Gupta reign (455 ~ 467 ) ,Da ?First South invade Gupta ,he mobilized troops to repel the enemy ,defend India from destruction .
    But the Buddha ?Gupta later (about 500) economic crisis occurred ,a vassal state from around central ,a split .The king asked Lamana and Mishra Kula stage a comeback ,most of the territory annexed Gupta ,serious damage to North India political economic and cultural ,the collapse of many feudal country, North India once again in the political split .
    Then death ,predominantly Buddhist Gupta is the golden age of medieval India ,Mahayana Buddhism flourished ,Hindu rise .Belief Vishnu ,Shiva and Brahma ,three main gods of three major sects widely popular .
    The Gupta kings are Hindu, but to ease the contradiction between ethnic and sectarian religion policy ,adopt compatible ,allowing the free development of religions .Mahayana Buddhist Center of Nalanda ,became the India of early medieval religious and academic and cultural center .
    The Gupta period agricultural production has made considerable development .Handicraft industry progress in ironmaking ,cotton textile industry and shipbuilding .Foreign trade more active .In addition ,in literature ,painting ,sculpture ,architecture has made significant achievements .
    Built after third Century BC ,the gradual decline of the subcontinent of South Asia ,northwestern and northern region is divided into many small states .These small states were part of the Gupta Dynasty unified ,another part was destroyed by northern (person) .
    When the upstream region of Ganges RIver river a kinglet chamber (Ś ;ri-Gupta ) and the Gupta family gradually strong, uniform small and self-proclaimed Maha nearby ? ( Mah ā R āJa) ,intended for the king of kings .
    Development of the sun room and Gupta ,Chandragupta I ,power more ,in about 308 years, Chandragupta married famous local tribes from the car Jiumoluotipi princess as wife, away from the family car rule and vicinity ,Chandragupta Ji because marriage inherited Fahrenheit City ,make the Gupta family strength increased .
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    Chandragupta I ( Candragupta I ) in the sixteen year of his reign ( 320-335 years ) ,as the New Kingdom laid a solid foundation ,so that some nearby Jun main country gradually to surrender ,so that today most ,,are under the rule of Wang Zhaozhi .
    Chandragupta son Shamotuo Luo Gupta ( Samudragupta ) ( 335-380 years ) began large scale expansion ,the conquest of the upstream drainage area and area of the eastpart part, then returned to the East ,conquered the lower reaches of Ganges RIver River and delta ,finally advanced south ,arrived in Orissa and the East, even the South Indian country Pallava Kingdom also succumbed to the Gupta and tribute ,and forces to .
    Shamotuo Luo Gupta reserved ,known as Covello ? ,in which the poet king .He was Shamotuo Gupta ( Candragupta II ) ( 380-413) ,Gupta Dynasty reached its prime period ,he was known as Pi g Rama Aditya ,namely super king ( Vikram ā ditya) ,Naga people ( Kushan descent) is overcome .
    In the western face of the three major forces ,respectively, is northwest of India river basin to the east of malavoy and card mention AVA ,they succumbed to the Gupta dynasty .The west coast ,and Gupta hostile .
    Southwest of the Deccan region Fajiatuo aka Kingdom ,ultradian king with their princess Pla Bawa Siti Gupta married King Building ,the Rossi II ,the two allies .Super king mainly in the West and North and South are repaired, concentrated against the plug one country .
    Since 388 years ,King has conquered Gujarat ultradian ,malvar and card to AVA ,territorial expansion to the coast of North India ,control of coast city and port .Put up the capital moved to Fahrenheit city (now Patna ) ,and in the establishment of malvar palace .
    The decline of ultradian king his Jiumoluo Gupta I ( Kum ā raguptaI ) ( 415-455 years ) during the reign of the domestic contradiction ,excitation ,the motor River Pushiyamiduo ,rebellion ,the king sent Prince plug built Tuo Gupta (Skandagupta) rate of the military crackdown, was almost defeated .
    War room ,Jiumoluo Gupta generation dies ,plug built Tuo Gupta (455-467) succeeded him and successfully put down a rebellion .Soon after, da man ?Raid, from the northwest Indian invasion ,plug built Tuo Gupta army to repel the enemy again .
    The beginning and can resist a ,later will not be able to withstand ,the day is ,poor. ,so had to by a currency reform to maintain the status quo .Plug built Tuo Gupta died, internal differentiation and invasion more ,at that time ?Da people out of India river the remnants of the Kushan forces ,Da king ?Think stronghold invaded India ,the local rulers of the Gupta and Da people alliance ,???In 500 years before and after the invasion of Zhu Mu River and take .
    The loss of the West Indies ,declared the actual end of the Gupta dynasty .Finally, only in Magadha ,a more than Tuo area, keep the endgame ,for after the gupta .In 517 years http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar0664-unisex-crystal-set-sports-fashion-watch-p-3404.html Emporio Armani AR0664 - Unisex Crystal Set Sports Fashion Watch,head battle back to the Luo Mancheng died ,his son Rama acyl logic moment Luo (i.
    e. Mixilagula ,517-542) succeeded to the throne ,and then invaded India ,531 years at Gwalior City ,where the temple of the sun ,and the stone to flatter ,but was soon Marwa and lose Tuo Mann defeated, retreated to the west of India region .
    Friction moment by logic ,after death, Da ?Who rule over India collapse ,567 years ,and the Turkic people attack more destroy ?Da china .? Da invasion on India economic and political cause serious damage, the Gupta Dynasty magistrate self king ,India again divided into many small states .
    Political Gupta period of social organization in India is still rural commune ,and the establishment of long-term positive end and be replaced .In the first few centuries of the freedom has mentioned not to revolt as a slave ,and develop a freed slave conditions ,including the ability to return the ransom slaves should be released ,others to rent collection part of farming harvest replaced slavery .
    China to India seeking method of monks in India revealed in the feudal system, indicates the king ,elderly and koji are has a lot of land, and they put the land and real estate donated to the temple monks ,such behavior is legal procedures, thereby producing religious landlord .
    Notable is ,law was mentioned on people depend on the land as the land transfer ,which is different from the general slave ,in a certain sense with feudal factor .Another free peasants ,they farmed king ,pay tax ,want to go to, want to go to ,and with the land of the people of contrast .
    In the political system, the Gupta Dynasty of centralization, the supreme ruler is king ,royalty nobility and monks do father and Royal advisers .The country is divided into a plurality of the province ,province under the county governor appointed by the king ,prince or other relatives as county magistrate ,appointed by the governor and the jurisdiction ,to assist the king to rule of counsel and officials at different levels ,from the king paid at .
    Feudalism Gupta ( 320 - 500 ) was the feudal period of completion .The Gupta period king gave officials ,nobles ,the feud evolved into the hereditary in the private domain ,thus forming a feudal fief system .
    Land owner will often give a letter of the territory to give his subordinate packet .Then Herod fief layers formed hierarchical dependency subordinate relationship .In the process, the caste system of India also changed .
    Originally the vaishyas lower village free peasant status declined ,and the Sudras increasingly close to .They and the Sudras and Untouchables is feudal peasants sources .Social system from the caste system is gradually differentiation ,formed as similar Chinese family business .
    In the original caste ,according to the different occupation ,has a number of separate surname order ,and is a hereditary ,the so-called of Heng for labour, business Heng for the business .
    Every name order ,shall exchange marriage ,so that the name order system for consolidation .But the name order more points more, thousands ,which makes the rural commune residual ,long-term cannot change .
    Because each commune is an economic unit of provide for oneself ,has a set of handicraft industry .In this system ,even then change is small .The above changes ,the culture ,such as religion ,philosophy and so on ,has had certain influence ,economic ultradian King attention irrigation ,especially strengthen construction of water conservancy project .
    To North India agricultural development ,promote the use of iron tools ,including wheat ,barley ,corn planting rice ,millet ,beans ,sesame etc. .Economic crops include cotton ,hemp ,flax ,sugar ,ginger ,and vegetable & fruit cultivation ,livestock including cattle ,buffalo ,camels ,donkeys ,sheep and goats ,and the famous cotton planting into the other neighboring countries .
    The Gupta Dynasty handicraft industry also developed ,including cotton ,silk ,wool ,weapons ,jewelry ,metal manufacturing ,mining metallurgy ,shipbuilding to produce another climax ,more famous paddle boats .
    Trade exchange more aristocratic luxury ,and Asia-Europe the state-owned .In India ,discovered a large number ( Bactria ) and Sassanid Persian currency .Super king down the west development ,the competition for Western sea and northwest route control is directly related to .
    India is in the middle of eurasia .To the East, in estuaries Heng rubbing millet bottom port (now in West Bengal meters Dana Poole County Tamm port Luke) for the sea .And Southeast Asia and East Asia trade ,and to build commercial and colonial .
    In Arabia and Gujarat in western port in East Africa and the Persian Gulf countries trade .Land to the north-west of India River Basin ,north to Central Asia and the Silk Road connected ,West Europe east to china .
    The output of grain ,cotton ,cotton ,tapestries ,jewelry ,perfume ,indigo ,ivory .Input states of rare ,silk ,tea ,porcelain clay ,cupronickel ,cinnamon and seal etc. .The Gupta Dynasty rise of popular culture ,religion ,and free development ,ministers and generals have believe in Buddhism and .
    Mahayana Buddhism center by Jiumoluo Gupta construction ,it became the Gupta cultural academic center .In the early Gupta ,believe in Brahmanism ,Buddhism does not attach importance to .
    The Buddhism of the attitudes of the rulers ,like Nirvana Sutra expressed ,only asked the king to give protection to .From the Buddhist position to talk politics Wang Fazheng theory ,also hope rulers often associated with Salmonella Brahmin consulting political .
    Here the Salmonella Brahmin words, no separate forward Buddhism ,and the dragon tree king Bao line theory of the situation has not the same .Then the dragon tree stands in the Buddhist position ,to the king not to worship outside, because the king of dragon tree Darrow Buddhist respect .
    The present situation ,the Gupta king is only on the Buddhism does not exclude only http://www.emporioarshop.com/giorgio-armani-emporio-armani-ar0153-watch-p-3464.html Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani AR0153 Watch, accordingly ,speak not so hard .However ,the essence of translation vasu disc beans . said Vasubandhu very is ground on the king and the new king two generations of faith ( Gupta emperors divided by the name of the Gupta ,also to Aditya -- Japanese name ) ,especially the new king and Vasubandhu a ring ,is ground on King with the World Pro out of the house ,then the new king and his mother, and in a more permanent please Vasubandhu tuo .
    In addition ,he went to India ,according to anecdotal record of Nalanda built the temple history ,set up the history of very early ,starting in the Gupta emperor day towards King (i.
    e. plug built Tuo Gupta king) ,then feel goo ,young ,king of kings have expansion ( feel goo era has information to test ,emperor day is a sense of support of the previous generation ,so he was probably built Gupta ,this is in order to calculate descent ,there is no literature available syndrome) .
    From the truth and Xuan Zang have recorded facts ,Gupta to plug built ,king, began to change policy to Buddhism ,has seriously .This may be related to the bad days ,plug built Tuo Wang started can resist foreign aggression ,and won a victory ,had built the temple to celebrate the Brahmans ,and unable to get up after a fall ,had to change his religion policy ,so as to get the heart .
    Sanskrit poet and dramatist have become one of the king the ultradian nava-ratna ,fell four poems and three plays , cloud lover in love letters to describe the form of northern India beautiful scenery ;Jiumoluo born is about Shiva wife and children fairy tales ;plays is about beautiful and kind girl Shah Konedaro and the bean fan ,and separated from the story of love .
    In addition ,holy Hindu epic , at the same time into .Architecture and love Laura caves as a classic .The former is located in this Austrian fan zangabad County of Ajanta near the village, digging the tile Qurnah valley wall, a total of twenty-nine caves .
    In the first Century BC to 650 years completed, there are four temple and twenty-five monk ,the full performance of India style .Room door in the building ,with a carved frieze ,under the stone forest, there are all kinds of carving ,from Buddhist legends ,however, is full of life breath .
    Love Laura cave from the Austrian fan zangabad sixteen kilometers ,built in third Century ,completed to 1300, including Buddhism ,Hinduism and three religious temple ,incense continuously .
    In addition to astronomy ,mathematics ,medicine ,metallurgy has tremendous achievements ,Dynasty late mathematical and astronomer Alessandro Yaba as calculated to small digital after four words ,and that the rotation of the earth .
    Discovered in 1881 by Bach Gupta manuscripts include ,Sally surd approaching the arithmetic problem .Super King ( Niukelamo calendar conduit Alex ) began in 57 B.C. most of India pagan calendar .
    In the super king period ,Chinese monk Faxian visited India ,author of Buddha (formerly remember ) ,some monks in India at the same time to come to china .Lineage Chandragupta
    I ( Candragupta I ) ,( 320-335 years ;320 years to build the Gupta ) ,and the sun room Gupta Shamotuo Luo Gupta ( Samudragupta ) ,( 335-380) ,Chandragupta I son of Chandragupta
    II ( Candragupta I I ) ,also known as super king ( Vikram ā ditya) ,( 380-413) ,Shamotuo Luo Gupta Jiumoluo Gupta I ( Kum ā raguptaI ) ,( 415-455 ) ,super king his
    plug built Tuo Gupta (Skandagupta) ,( 455-467) ,the son of Jiumoluo Gupta a monk to regions of the Gupta ,( 467-473) the Buddha Gupta ,( year ?) s Lu Gupta ,( year ?) Vishnu

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    Infrared technology English name ;Infrared Technique word retrieval :infrared technology ;technology ;infrared system categories :information system ;detection technology ;four major part of the 1 infrared radiation properties ,including heat emitted radiation in the spectrum ,intensity and direction distribution ;radiation in a medium - reflection ,propagation characteristics refraction ,diffraction and scattering ;thermoelectric and photoelectric effect .
    2 infrared components ,parts and components of the development ,including radiation source http://www.emporioarshop.com/ar5673-emporio-armani-ladies-designer-watch-p-3381.html AR5673 Emporio Armani Ladies Designer Watch,mini refrigerator ,infrared window materials and optical power .3 various infrared element ,component system optics ,electronics and precision machinery .
    4 infrared technology in the military and economic application .Thus ,infrared technology research involves a wide range of ,both the infrared radiation characteristics of the targets ,background characteristics ,and the infrared element ,components and systems ;both material, and application .
    [ ;] technology ;detection technique ;precision guidance technology ;photoelectron technology ;advanced materials technology [ ;technical difficulties ] ;infrared technology is the key to the development of infrared material ,infrared equipment ,infrared equipment refrigeration to longer band ,the development of infrared focal plane array device and infrared equipment and data processing equipment combination and so on .
    [ abroad ;] ;since 1800, the British astronomer F ?W ?Herschel discovered infrared radiation up to now ,the development of infrared technology has experienced nearly two centuries .Since then ,the infrared radiation and infrared components ,parts of the scientific research development ,but development is relatively slow ,until around 1940 truly modern infrared technology .
    At that time, Germany on PBS and several infrared transmissive material ,the use of these elements ,components made of some military infrared system ,such as anti-aircraft guided instrument ,meter ,coastal ship ship detection and tracking system ,airborne bombers detectors and fire control system and so on .
    Some of them reach the laboratory test phase ,some have small batch production ,but before the actual use of .Thereafter ,the United States ,Britain ,the former Soviet Union countries competing for the development of .
    Especially the United States ,vigorously on infrared technology applied in military field .At present, the United States will infrared technology is applied to individual equipment ,vehicles http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-black-dial-rubber-band-mens-watch-ar0683-p-3687.html Emporio Armani Black Dial Rubber Band Mens Watch AR0683,aerospace reconnaissance and surveillance ,early warning ,tracking and weapon guidance and other fields .
    The development of IR infrared technology development pilot is the development of infrared detectors .In 1800 the F ?W ?Herschel discovered infrared radiation using a mercury thermometer ,this is the most primitive of the infrared detector .
    After 1830 have developed a thermocouple thermistor bolometer detector ,etc. .Prior to 1940, the developed infrared detector is mainly thermal detector .In nineteenth Century scientists using infrared thermal detector ,the infrared radiation characteristics of knowledge and the law ,proved that the infrared and visible light has the same physical properties ,are subject to the same laws .
    They are one of the electromagnetic wave ,has fluctuation, the propagation speed is the speed of light ,the wavelength is both their characteristic parameters which can be measured .The beginning of twentieth Century measured the amount of organic material and inorganic material absorption ,emission and reflection spectroscopy ,infrared technology in material analysis proved the value of .
    30 years later ,it first appeared in generation ,development an indispensable instrument in material analysis .In the early 40 photoelectric infrared detector is published, in order to PBS IR detector to represent this type of detector ,its excellent performance ,firm structure .
    In 50 years the rapid development of the semiconductor physics ,photoelectric infrared detector gets new push .To 60 years for 1 ~ 3 ,3 ~ 5 and 8 ~ 13 micron three important atmospheric window has the excellent performance of infrared detector .
    During the same period ,solid state physics ,optics ,electronics ,precision machinery and micro refrigerator and other aspects of development ,make the infrared technology in military ,civilian dual-purpose has been widely used .
    60 in the mid 60 onwards ,infrared detectors and systems development reflects the infrared technology status and development direction of .1 in the 1 to 14 micron range detector from the unit to the development of pluralism ,from multivariate development to a focal plane array .
    Infrared detector was first used detector ,in order to improve the sensitivity and resolution ,and later developed into the multivariate linear detector .Multivariate linear detector has swept ( string scanning ) the same target ,it is the output of the signal to noise than a comparable unit detector with high N ( square ) times ,n as the element number .
    If multiple linear detector parallel sweep (plain ) goal, can obtain target radiation of one-dimensional distribution .To array detector based on the infrared detection system ,are installed in an aircraft or satellite remote sensing platform, platform forward movement perpendicular to the line as the first two ,you can get the target radiation distribution image .
    Now ,the infrared detector from the pluralistic development to a focal plane array ,the corresponding system has been realized from the point to detect a target thermal image leap .Infrared thermal imaging instrument is one of the most promising equipment ,represents the development direction of night vision equipment ,it was replaced with a focal plane array scanning structure .
    At present, long wavelength HgCdTe detector array ( HgCdTe ) has reached 640 ×480 yuan,focal plane array detector laboratory level to already amounted to 256 ×256 yuan,2000 is expected to reach 1 million yuan .
    2 infrared detectors working bands from near infrared extending to the far infrared .Early infrared detector usually work in the near infrared .With the development of infrared technology ,infrared detectors working band has been extended to the infrared and far infrared ,for example ,the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency proposed a super spectrum landmine detection program ,the purpose is to provide a safe and efficient mine detection method .
    The program utilizes spatially modulated imaging Fourier transform spectrometer Fu Liye ,this is a kind of ,it was in a helicopter ,in the band of the test ,the next step plan to extend to the far infrared band .
    Far infrared has become the focus of scientists .3 light miniaturization .Uncooled ,integrated ,a big area array infrared detector development .Using low temperature refrigeration technology ,in order to improve infrared detector sensitivity and output signal-to-noise ratio ,it has a good performance ,but it also makes large volume ,high cost of infrared detector .
    In order to realize the miniaturization ,must reduce the refrigeration equipment and related power ,therefore ,high efficiency and small refrigerator and non-refrigeration infrared detector will be the future direction of development .
    Such as the use of uncooled infrared focal plane array technology work ,not only can make the system cost is reduced by 2 orders of magnitude ,but also can make the volume ,weight and power consumption will also be greatly reduced .
    In addition ,using materials electronic computer and microelectronics aspects of the latest technology ,the infrared detector with a certain data processing capability of data processing devices are combined, so that the light integration ,large plane array ,focal plane direction of development, in order to improve the performance of target detection ,at room temperature .
    4 infrared detection system from the single band to band development .As described in the preceding :in atmospheric environment, target infrared radiation only 1 ~ 3 ,3 ~ 5 and 8 ~ 13 micron three atmospheric window can effectively transmit .
    If an infrared detection system in two or more bands on the acquisition of target information ,so this system can be more accurate ,more reliable access to more information ,improve the target detection effect, reduce the probability of false alarm warning system ,improve the system for searching and tracking performance ,is suitable for more applications demand ,to better meet the needs of the various arms of .
    At present, the multi-band infrared detection system has been developed ,such as France and Sweden jointly developed by &quot ;Bonas &quot ;terminal-sensitive submunition, the multi-band infrared detection system to detect a target .
    The appearance of laser 60 appear greatly influenced the development of infrared technology ,many important laser device in infrared band, the coherence is convenient for using in the electronic technology the heterodyne technique ,so that the radar and communication can be realized in the infrared band ,and can obtain higher resolution and greater capacity for information .
    Prior to this ,infrared technology only can detect infrared radiation ,heterodyne technique for infrared detection ,the detection performance than the power to detect the high several orders of magnitude .
    In addition ,due to the type of application, has prompted the emergence of new detector and a new radiation transmission mode ,promote the infrared technology to more advanced direction development .
    Application of infrared technology application and product variety ,not an article can describe ,this paper select only the infrared thermography ,infrared imaging ,infrared communication ,,and several other relatively large areas of the .
    Infrared thermal imaging instrument industry is a very broad prospects for development of the emerging high-tech industry ,also the infrared application products in the market share is the largest one in two ,and is widely used in the field .
    Infrared thermography in modern war condition of satellite ,missile ,aircraft and other military weapons has obtained the widespread application .At the same time ,along with the development of uncooled infrared thermal imaging technology to greatly reduce the production cost of the products ,the application has been extended to electricity ,fire ,industrial ,medical ,security and other sectors of national economy .
    In the past the domestic market has been composed of FLIR ,FLUKE and other well-known foreign enterprises occupation .But in recent 10 years, the field has undergone great changes, the infrared thermal imager enterprises in product technology ,performance and quality improvements ,gradually expand the market share ,emerged in a scientific creationism ,Kunming North infrared ,Wuhan High German ,sat infrared and other well-known enterprises, after several years of development ,has been the accumulated considerable technical force .
    At present the domestic products in the performance and imported products close to ,but the prices of imported products, domestic products more than 50% high .Along with the development of infrared thermal imager in the fire ,electricity ,construction and other industries to expand ,the international civil infrared thermal imager industry ushered in the rapid growth of market demand stage .
    The 2004 Global Civil infrared thermal imager and system output of about 50000, and in 2006 ,only FILR company made BMW automobile company as its new 7 Series cars equipped with infrared thermal imager orders ,and obtained the United States government 350000 export license application .
    The 2006 global civil infrared thermography to sales of $1630000000, an increase of 17.35% .According to the United States of America famous high-tech industry consulting company Maxtech International predicted ,future 5 years global civil infrared thermal imager market demand with an average annual growth rate will reach 15% ,to 2012 ,global civil infrared thermal imager market demand will reach 3812000000 dollar .
    Due to the rapid development of the domestic economy ,China thermal infrared imager market with an average annual growth rate can reach 20% ,is expected in 2011 China Civil infrared thermal imager market demand will reach 995000000 yuan .
    In the case of the United States ,in 2000, the United States of America infrared imaging and infrared temperature measurement system of market sales totaled $1820000000 ,up from 3% in 1999 ,predict 2008 ,total sales will reach 2820000000 dollar ,annual growth rate of 6.
    5% . China thermal infrared imager market is still in its initial stage ,the future development of the enormous space . China learns standing director Secretary General Mr. Ni Guoqiang in China optoelectronic industry forum, said :in developed countries in the military field, infrared thermal imager has been very extensive configuration ,for example in the Gulf War, the average American soldier is equipped with 1.
    7 infrared thermal imager .Compared with the developed countries ,our army in the application of infrared thermal imager is relatively less ,its prospect of market demand is huge .With the development of high performance color infrared focal plane and intelligent smart chip image processing technology development ,it is expected that the proportion will continue to go up .
    Infrared camera with the Beijing Olympic Games ,the Shanghai World Expo ,the Guangzhou Asian Games and other large-scale activities increased, the safety of the increasingly stringent requirements ,more and more places need 24 hours of continuous monitoring .
    Application of infrared ray in night surveillance is more outstanding ,not only the vault ,depot ,armory ,document library ,the departments of cultural relics ,prisons and other important departments use ,but also in the general monitoring system has been widely used, and even community monitoring project also used infrared camera .
    LED infrared camera market continued warming .According to a 2006 survey ,compared with the infrared thermography, infrared camera technical threshold is not high ,most of the current domestic market by domestic brands occupy http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar5901-mens-retro-brown-leather-watch-p-3685.html EMPORIO ARMANI AR5901 MEN'S RETRO BROWN LEATHER WATCH,foreign brand to occupy only a portion of the upper end of the market .
    From the domestic infrared camera distribution, most of Shenzhen ,accounting for 64% of the total ,and Dongguan ,Zhejiang formed the three major industrial base .China infrared camera company to production ,trade, capable of independent innovation is not much .
    Improve the ability of independent research and development will be the future development direction ,only such ability to global dilate ,earn higher profits .Infrared communication traditional infrared communication application mainly in and home appliances and automotive anti-theft remote controller ,due to modulation technology ,the rapid development of the technology related to the transceiver ,infrared transmission application also produced qualitative leap .
    In 1993 the international infrared association established in the United States ,actively integrating the establishment of infrared transmission standard ,has greatly promoted the development of infrared products .
    The 2000 global has 170000000 units with the international infrared association module of electronic products into the market ,especially in the electronic game market has great potential .In 2001 ,information receiving and transmitting module ,because the infrared association module prices from $5 to $2 in early stage of international companies in the Asia-Pacific region ,have some labor is relatively cheap place to seek processing sites ,estimated annual production value of more than $ 1 will be the scale ,when several IC design company ,system and application software manufacturer has positive input application products research and production ,has now formed a certain scale .
    Personal laptop ,PDA ,digital cameras and other products popularity led the development of infrared transmission .The international infrared association was launched in 1994 1 edition of infrared data exchange standard, transmission speed is 115.
    2Kbps ,the maximum transmission speed maximum rate has reached more than 4Mbps .On 2006, infrared wireless technology has a huge user base .When the infrared data communication technology ( IRDA ) has a one hundred and fifty million annual equipment installation amount ,and it maintains the high speed growth of 40% a year .
    Net boat consulting in recent published wireless short distance communication technology Market Research Report think ,the strong growth figures worldwide manufacturers for infrared communication still hold the optimistic attitude ,infrared communication technology have been many global software and hardware manufacturers support and use ,the current mainstream software and hardware platform provide support for it .
    Mobile phone market, the mainstream manufacturers also has in its products supporting the infrared communication technology .From the current situation, either from the application of infrared technology coverage ,technology maturity and user acceptance ,in all kinds of wireless communication technology in a leading position .
    In the remote control of the market, market research agency Instat company forecast ,2005, the global application in IrDA fields 8 controller unit shipments will reach 206000000 ,by 2009 will reach 373000000 .
    According to introduction ,Zilog companies since 1993 to enter the market since the remote control ,product sales to more than 275000000 ,in 2004 the company delivered about 40000000 pieces of IrDA chip .
    At present, the company IrDA chip solution models have more than 12000 ,the service has more than 1300 kinds of remote control brand ,customers include Philips ,Samsung ,Sony ,Yamaha ,Toshiba ,Microsoft etc.
    .The current global universal infrared remote controller market accounted for 70 ,80% of the market share ,particularly in Europe and the United States market .Infrared spectrometer, infrared spectrometer for chemical and physical analysis, can be applied to a variety of physical and chemical laboratory ,oil ,agriculture ,detection and other fields .
    According to the application range can be divided into general infrared spectrometer and special infrared spectrometer ,according to wavelength range can be divided into near infrared spectrometer and far infrared spectroscopy ,near infrared spectrometer mainly currently .
    Modern near infrared spectroscopy analytical technology of near infrared spectroscopy ,chemometrics including software and application of model three part .Only a perfect combination of the three can reach the requirement of high performance .
    The near infrared spectrum instrument for development and application in China has been a lot of attention of experts ,and has developed a group to meet the domestic analysis instrument and application software .
    As Chinese petroleum academy ,a group of young scholars in Lu Wanzhen under the leadership of academician ,developing and developed with our own intellectual property in near infrared spectroscopy instrument and special in China Science and application of some software ;to the Beijing Kasetsart University professor Yan Yanlu led the Chinese agriculture near infrared analysis technology network system .
    task has been completed, and has developed with independent intellectual property rights ,suitable for Chinese agricultural products quality analysis software ;Professor Xiang Bingren in China Medicine University Analysis Center established by Internet near infrared spectroscopy analysis of virtual modeling center ,near infrared spectroscopic analysis of mathematical modeling and model maintenance work ,and the establishment of a number of Chinese herbal medicine in infrared analysis mathematical model .
    At the beginning of 06 ,the State Food and Drug Administration ( SFDA ) by the means of invite public bidding has ordered a total of more than 300 sets of imported Fu Liye transform near infrared spectrometer .
    The Ministry of finance at that time with the follow-up maintenance ,for a total of 500000000 yuan of funds .If can realize domestic words ,can save a large sum of foreign currency .Our country related businesses have spotlight ,Ying-Hsien ,Dalian ,things :electronic ,Purkinje general ,mainly to do the low-end products, high-end products still cannot compete and abroad .
    Domestic universal infrared spectrometer FT ?IR is mainly the North sub-Rayleigh analysis instruments imported from American Analect company technology to produce several different models ,different grades of products ,but the quantity is very few .
    Special infrared spectroscopy ,near infrared spectroscopy of some special infrared spectrometer at home has a large potential market ,mainly in agriculture of agricultural product quality analysis and petroleum and chemical oil products in the production process quality control and product quality analysis has a large market .
    But as a result of near infrared analysis according to the analysis of some mathematical model of object ,object is different, its mathematical model is also different .Therefore ,foreign near infrared spectrometer with special analysis software ( is according to the analysis of the mathematical model of the object design ) ,not necessarily suitable for domestic analysis object ,cause in recent years the introduction of the near infrared spectrum instrument at home and no special role ,near infrared spectrum instrument with foreign special price on the high side, domestic imports nearly dedicated infrared spectroscopy instrument is not .
    Infrared sensor to realize remote temperature monitoring and control, infrared for its outstanding performance, to meet the various requirements .In the product processing industry ,especially the need for temperature remote monitoring situation ,is a temperature sensor display one .
    In the food industry, infrared temperature can not be polluted under the condition of food temperature record ,so popular .Optical fiber infrared sensor also has electromagnetic and radio frequency interference characteristics ,this portable infrared sensor in automobile industry in the application and open up a new market .
    Along with the widespread application of infrared temperature measurement technology ,a novel infrared technology, intelligent ( Smart ) digital infrared sensing technology is rising quietly .
    This kind of intelligent sensor built-in microprocessor, sensor and control unit can realize two-way communication ,has the advantages of miniaturization ,digital communication ,maintaining the advantages of a simple .
    Current ,each sensor users have to upgrade its control system ,intelligent infrared sensor demand will continue to grow ,it is expected that the short term market also does not reach saturation .
    In addition ,as portable infrared sensor is more and more small size ,decreasing prices ,in food ,heating and air-conditioning and automotive and other fields also have new application .Such as used in foodstuff baking machine ,hair dryer ,infrared sensor to detect the temperature is too hot, so that the system decides whether to carry out the next operation ,such as stopping heating ,or will be automatically removed from the oven for food ,or make the blower cooling .
    As more users of portable infrared temperature sensor ,its potential users is increasing .Because the infrared temperature sensor in the realization of long distance temperature control and non contact measurement and other aspects of the advantages ,so that its output to 10% annual growth rate .
    Between 1996 and 1997 ,its yield from 155000 increase to 230000 ;total sales grew from $230000000 to $300000000 .In 2006, sales amount will reach 557600000 dollar ,total output will exceed 489000 .
    The infrared sensor of the global market, in third world countries than in Europe and the United States more optimistic about .Although Europe and the United States in many industrial countries industry widely ,but its market to incline to is saturated ;while in China and Latin America in some emerging countries and regions ,with its economic recovery and development ,all countries and regions so as to strengthen the construction of industrialization ,plant growing, infrared sensor in the region from 2% to 5% per year growth rate, and the the market sales volume also is in a growth trend .
    [ ;] ;infrared radiation object infrared radiation source .The study of physics tells us that ,in nature, any temperature above absolute zero ( 0 ° K or -273 ℃ )objects in the outward radiation of various wavelengths of infrared ,the higher the temperature of a body ,the greater the infrared radiation intensity .
    According to the various types of target and background radiation characteristic ,can use infrared technology in day and night for target detection ,recognition and tracking ,to obtain the target information .
    In modern warfare, to obtain information of the field advantage has become the key to master the initiative ,infrared technology in air and space to obtain information of the field is one of the key technology ,therefore ,many countries have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to study infrared technology ,which is widely applied in military fields ,and have a great effect of .
    1 as a military target reconnaissance ,surveillance ,early warning and tracking means .All military objectives ,in the sea ,the ship ground force operations and various equipment ,air aircraft ,missiles ,can emit heat, issued a large number of infrared radiation .
    Using infrared technology ,can from the air and space for these target reconnaissance ,surveillance and tracking .As in reconnaissance satellite rely on infrared imaging device and multiple spectrometer can day and night to obtain large amounts of military intelligence .
    Equipped with infrared detector of missile early warning satellite from 70 time since ,had been watching the world ballistic missile launch ,for national and military departments to provide alerts ,such as the United States Defense Support Program in the early warning satellite in a few seconds ,you can identify the incoming missile launch and the direction of future ,said the United States the space-based infrared system in 20 seconds ,with the missile launch and direction with respect to the accurate information ,to intercept incoming missiles to provide valuable early warning time .
    As another example, in the 1991 Gulf War ,the United States of America missile early warning satellite to all Iraqi missile launch a panoramic view, then promptly to the relevant information is transmitted to the U.
    S. patriot &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;missile troops ,the Patriot &quot ;missile effectively blocked by Iraqi Scud &quot ;&quot ;infrared remote control application with household appliances ,audio-visual products, office automation equipment, popularity ,and the extensive application of networked constant development ,more and more products have the standby functions ( such as a remote control switch ,wake on LAN ,timing switches ,intelligent switches etc.
    ) .Products of the standby functions to achieve remote control operation ,brings great convenience to our life ,but it also wastes a lot of energy .China energy-saving product certification center ( CECP ) survey, global each family is in a standby state appliance corresponds to the light with a 15 W ~ 30 Wlamp ,only one color TV sets per year in the useless standby wasting power nearly 100 degrees ,in Chinese color television standby a year a waste of electricity about 15000000000 degrees ,equivalent to more than a dozen large-scale thermal power plant of white power .
    Australian Electrical Equipment Energy Committee recently research results show ,not only take considerable power ,the monthly payment amount not small wronged electricity ,and the release of large quantities of the harmful gas of carbon dioxide in a certain extent accelerated climate warming .
    The system can better achieve energy conservation and environmental protection effect .At the same time in the household or industrial control field, some manual operation is not convenient situation ,can use the existing remote control by setting instead of manual operation ,for example, can use at home to existing TV remote control ,control other no remote control function ( such as lamps ,electrical ,computer ,printer ,computer audio ,drinking fountains ,water heater ) ,convenient life .
    Related journals infrared technology journals reflect infrared technology in the domestic and foreign development condition ,research level and in the national defense ,the application situation of national economy ,closely tracking the foreign high technology research .
    Infrared technology in the military in the field of thermal imaging sight ,identification ,tracking ,guidance ,infrared and infrared countermeasure technology ,low light level night vision technology is the focus of this print publicity ,to promote and facilitate the infrared technology category research ,design of information exchange in Department of internal medicine .
    [ ;1] ;periodical information journal name :infrared technology sponsored by: Kunming Institute of physics ;Chinese ordnance society night vision technology professional committee of publishing
    period: monthly publication : Yunnan province Kunming City language :Chinese folio size :16 ISSN :1001-8891 domestic issue :53-1053/TN postal code: 64-26 opening time :in 1979 the journal
    was the following database :CBST JICST (Japan ) ( 2009) Chinese Science Citation Database ( CSCD - 2008 ) :Chinese core journals core journals ( 2008) ( 2004) of Chinese Core Journals

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    1. topFructose Corn Syrup
    despite the fact that it's produced from corn, that is among the worst ingredients on your health. this is a highly processed food that packs at the pounds as it makes you wish to have more sugar and that it is rather topin calories. It has even been implicated in issues ofthe liver.
    2. Soda
    you can of soda can contain 36 or more grams of vehiclebohydrates. and that is the reason all in empty calories without a fiber or other nutrition so it is an instantaneous glycemic spike.
    3. Jam and Jelly
    Even all-fruit jam or jelly is typicallysugar. it iscertainly a more sensible selectionthan jam with added sugar, but may still be used sparingly.
    4. Bananas
    at the same time astopin fiber and potassium, one banana contains 23.nineinternetcarbs. Bananas contawithin the highest sugar content of any fruit.
    5. Apples
    Apples are wonderfulfotherwise you in some ways. But in case you are looking to practiceyour carbohydrate intake, opt for a strawberry or a fewkiwi instead. One apple features about 21 grams of vehiclebohydrates.
    6. Bread
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    7. Pasta
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    8. Fruit Juices
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    9. Desserts
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    10. Starchy Vegetables
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    11. Granola and Other Cereals
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    Whenever Zach Randolph discovered their capturing heart stroke Weekend evening, the actual Memphis Grizzlies became popular.

    Randolph obtained twenty one factors as well as Rudy Homosexual additional 20 in order to guide the actual Memphis Grizzlies to some 92-81 triumph within the Phoenix arizona Suns.

    ''Zach obtained moving in the actual publish and thus we'd several choices to operate along with, '' stated Grizzlies trainer Lionel Hollins. ''It had been a good earn. ''

    Randolph have been dominating within the team's very first 2 conferences, averaging sixteen rebounds as well as twenty-eight factors upon 66. 7 % capturing. Although their amounts had been somewhat reduce these times -- he'd just 8 rebounds, not one about the unpleasant finish -- these were ample.

    Randolph upped their capturing portion towards Phoenix arizona, hooking up upon 9 associated with 11 pictures in the area as well as had been 3 associated with 5 upon free of charge tosses. He or she additionally experienced the grab within thirty six min's.

    ''It had been a great online game for all of us through each finishes, '' Randolph stated. ''We obtained halts as well as everyone cracked within. ''

    Tony a2z Allen obtained 11 as well as Marc Gasol experienced 10 factors as well as 12 rebounds for that Grizzlies, who've received 3 of the final 5 video games.

    G. T. Tucker obtained the career-high seventeen factors as well as Marcin Gortat additional 12 factors as well as 8 rebounds for that Suns. Pads Goran Dragic as well as Sebastian Telfair mixed just for 12 factors as well as 7 aids.

    ''We desired to stop this within defensively and when their own primary men obtain halted, we would obtain a earn, '' Homosexual stated. ''Those men do not rating, usually these people shed. ''

    Phoenix arizona offers dropped 8 associated with 9 as well as 15 associated with 20 relationship in order to The fall of twenty-eight.

    ''We're inside a poor place at this time, '' stated Suns trainer Alvin Gentry. ''Number 1, we have to remain collectively. All of us cannot fragment at this time. This is the simplest move to make. Quantity 2, we have in order to perform much better. As well as quantity 3, we have to think within ourself. We are not really likely to perform away the growing season or even something like this. ''

    In spite of capturing within the mid-30 % variety with regard to the majority of the overall game, Phoenix arizona trailed just 71-65 whenever Markieff Morris transformed the three-point perform thirty-one mere seconds to the 4th one fourth.

    However Gasol obtained 4 factors, such as the fallaway 17-footer, as well as Homosexual additional the 21-foot jumper in order to crucial the 10-3 operate which place the actual Grizzlies forward 81-68.

    ''I believed, 'here all of us proceed, a that people had been heading to create a fourth-quarter operate however all of us could not obtain any kind of containers, '' Tucker stated. ''We had been immediately. We are usually immediately. However all of us could not obtain any kind of containers, http://www.christianlouboutinistore.com/ christian louboutin store. ''

    The actual Suns chance 81 % within the very first one fourth of the reduction Fri in order to Ut, however battled right from the start towards Memphis, the actual NBA's best group within challenger rating. Phoenix arizona skipped it's very first 7 pictures as well as 11 associated with it's very first 13 in route to some twenty three. 8 % capturing one fourth along with a thirty-two. 5 % very first fifty percent.

    The Grizzlies kept merely a five-point guide following the very first along with a 41-38 benefit from fifty percent, mostly because of 8 turnovers as well as 0-for-3 capturing through past the actual 3-point collection.

    ''We've reached battle, '' Gortat stated. ''Right right now, there is just one man that battles towards the finish and that is G. T. Tucker. In the event that all of us fought against such as he or she will we would end up being performing far better. ''

    INFORMATION: Memphis grew to become the very first group within the sequence in order to earn on the highway because the Grizzlies received within Phoenix arizona upon Dec 8, 2010.... The actual Suns experienced 1 fast-break stage.... Phoenix arizona continued to be trapped upon 1, 999 business wins.... Memphis is actually 7-28 within Phoenix arizona.... Suns safeguard Wesley Manley performed within the very first fifty percent just for the actual 7th amount of time in thirty-five video games, rating their 6 factors upon a set of 3-pointers.... The actual Suns' 37 first-half factors had been an additional compared to team's period reduced.... Homosexual is actually 9 min's lacking get to be the business innovator within min's performed.

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    Showgirls of all kinds--from Tina Turner to Nicole Kidman--are still an inspiration for Louboutin, 44, whose instantly recognizable red-soled stilettos have become de rigueur on the red carpet and among Hollywood's A-list crowd. "He is the foremost shoe designer in the world, " says Valerie Steele, director of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where his designs were the subject of a recent retrospective, "Sole Desire. "

    Louboutin spent the early years of his career designing shoes for some of fashion's biggest names, including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Maud Frizon. In 1992 he opened up his own shop at the end of a picturesque 19th century Parisian arcade. He still runs his business from that Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau address, but now his shoes are sold in 46 countries around the world. He has 14 boutiques in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and London, and he plans to open six more next year in places like Singapore, Jakarta and Beijing. He counts Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes and hundreds of other Hollywood stars among his loyal clientele.

    Louboutin is just as solicitous of his less famous customers. At a recent personal appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, he canceled his flight back to Paris in order to spend another two hours signing shoes. For a woman who confessed that she was "just a housewife, " Louboutin signed the sole, TO MY FAVORITE HOT HOUSEWIFE. A blushing bride asked him to sign her wedding shoes, and he grabbed a blue pen and wrote, HERE IS SOMETHING BLUE.

    According to Saks' fashion director' Michael Fink, Louboutin's shoes--which retail on average for $800--are one of the store's top-selling brands. "It's the mystique of the extremely sexy pump, " says Fink. "And, of course, http://www.csnceltics.com/ Rondo free jersey, the subtle branding of the red sole really helps. "

    More than a cunning marketing concept, the red sole was a happy accident. While working on a prototype in his studio in his early designing days, Louboutin searched for a way to match the shoe to a colorful sketch. "Something was missing, and I couldn't figure it out, " he remembers. "Then I realized that the black sole of the shoe was too dark. " So he grabbed a bottle of red nail polish from an assistant who was doing her nails nearby and painted the soles. "It didn't take me long to learn from my customers that the red soles were very popular with men, " Louboutin says, laughing. "This red sole was a bit of a green light. "

    While women have always been his predominant inspiration, Louboutin, a landscape and garden fanatic, often looks to nature for ideas. Starting out, he tried covering his shoes in fish scales. Another, more successful idea was embedding hydrangea petals in a clear silicone heel. He even tapped into the recycling trend with his "trash" shoes, which incorporated old métro tickets and café receipts in the heels. "He looks at everything, " says his close friend Diane von Furstenberg. "His shoes are like sculptures, objects, jewels. " But Louboutin knows that women's most desired treasures are the ones they can wear.

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    The Cons of Fish Liver OilThe most frequent form of fish liver oil is cod liver oil, which has the identical omega-three content as regular fish oil. Fish liver oil also consists of vitamins A and D -- ounce for ounce, extra vitamin A and D than any other food. A one hundred-gram serving of cod liver oil consists of 100,000 IU of vitamin A and ten,000 IU of vitamin D -- effectively more than the RDA for each vitamins.

    ?The bleed ?this a lot more typically than not refers to the procedure wherein the photos are extended beyond the dimension of the finished print, most of the time at least .125 inch. Initially, the pages are printed on significant sheets of paper components and then the pages will be cut down by an oversized paper cutter to the dimension that was specified. The cutting can be slightly off the bleed allowance will avert strips of white becoming lefty on the edges of the web page of the catalog..

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    Matt Martin's goal with 6: 26 to play Saturday night snapped a tie and lifted the streaking New York Islanders to a 4-2 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning at Nassau Coliseum.

    Martin was being pursued by Tyler Johnson, who knocked Martin over just as he shot, and was shielded by Radko Gudas, but Martin still managed to fire the puck past Ben Bishop from the left faceoff circle.

    Michael Grabner, Josh Bailey and Andrew MacDonald also scored for the Islanders (19-16-4), who won for the sixth time in their last eight games and ensured they would remain in the top eight in the Eastern Conference as they pursue the franchise's first playoff berth since the 2006-07 season.

    The Islanders entered the day tied for seventh with the Rangers at 40 points apiece, one point ahead of the Devils and two ahead of the Capitals.

    Richard Panik and Matt Carle scored for the Lightning (16-19-2), which had its already slim playoff hopes further dimmed. The Lightning is now eight points behind the Islanders.

    Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov made 19 saves while Bishop made 24 for the Lightning.

    Martin's goal capped a taut, back-and-forth game in which the teams were never separated by more than one goal until MacDonald's empty-netter from the Islanders' own faceoff circle with 14 seconds left.

    The Islanders took a 1-0 lead 14: 45 into the first on a nifty unassisted goal by Grabner, who picked off a pass at the blue line and won a 1-on-2 battle by firing the puck over the shoulder of Bishop.

    The Lightning tied it 4: 44 into the second on a wrister by Panik, but Bailey put the Islanders ahead less than four minutes later when he took a pass in front of the goalmouth from Kyle Okposo, who was draped by two Lightning players, and poked it past Bishop.

    Carle evened the score exactly four minutes into the third with a backhanded shot past Nabokov.

    NOTES: Islanders winger Matt Moulson was inactive with the flu, bringing an end to his team-best streak of 284 games played. Moulson's streak was the third longest in franchise history.... The other inactives for the Islanders were winger Eric Boulton, defenseman Matt Carkner and center Marty Reasoner. The Lightning scratched defenseman Victor Hedman and center Dana Tyrell.... Winger Jesse Joensuu made his season debut for the Islanders. Joensuu had been on the Islanders' suspended list since the lockout ended because of a groin injury he suffered while playing overseas.... The game was a homecoming for Lightning coach Jon Cooper, who went to college and played four years of lacrosse at Hofstra, located across the street from Nassau Coliseum. Cooper also played one season of club hockey for Hofstra, which doesn't play the sport at the NCAA level.... Lightning center Steven Stamkos could become the first player in league history to lead the NHL in goals in consecutive seasons for a team that misses the playoffs. Stamkos, who had 60 goals last year, http://www.freerunishoes.com/ Nike Free Run Shoes, entered Saturday with 25 goals, two more than the Islanders' John Tavares. The Lightning entered Saturday in 14th place in the Eastern Conference, six points back of the eighth-place Rangers and Islanders.

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    Pakistan. Palau. this is the "other side" of human nature. when the dust settles, we'll see apple reliving their life story . Photos have surfaced of the unruly crowds filled with aggressive men and women alike. Do yourselves a favor ladies, and stay out of the Footlockers for the next week or so.

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    Many articles on SA seem to be about social declines, like the loss of personal responsibility, http://www.cheapretrojordansdz.com cheap jordans. Manning played in the 1988 Olympics, the last one to consist of college players, and they won the Bronze Medal, receiving a beatdown from the Soviet Union in the final game.

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브랜드 아이덴티티란 무엇인가?
여기 BI의 정의 개발과정, 그리고 다양한 관련 지식 정보들을 소개합니다.

* 본 글내용은 BDMI 홍성민 대표님께 브랜드 아이덴티티 공식적으로 제공받은 자료입니다.

브랜드아이덴티티 개발과정

브랜드 아이덴티티 개념
‘브랜드 아이덴티티(Brand Identity)’라는 개념은 학자들이나 실무자들에게는 매우 복잡하고 혼란스러운 개념이다. 특히 브랜드 이미지, 브랜드 개성, 브랜드 요소 등의 용어와 어떻게 다른 것인지 정확한 구분을 해내기도 그리 쉬운 일이 아니다. 그리고 디자인 업계에서 사용하고 있는 BI(Brand Identity)라는 용어 또한 그 개념을 혼란스럽게 하기는 마찬가지다.

브랜드 아이덴티티라는 용어는 프랑스 HEC(Hautes Etudes Commerciales)의 마케팅 교수인 쟝 노엘 케퍼러(Jean-Noel Kapferer)에 의해서 사용되었다가 1996년에 UC버클리 경영학과 교수인 데이비드 아커(David A. Aaker)가 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템을 제안하면서 실무적으로 많은 발전을 이루게 되었다.

브랜드 아이덴티티가 기업 입장에서 소비자에게 전달하고자 하는 것이라면, 브랜드 이미지는 소비자에게 형성된 것이라고 할 수 있다.
결국 기업이 브랜드를 통해 알리고자 하는 것이 100이라면 그 중 소비자가 이미지로 형성해 기억하고 있는 것은 50이 될 수도 있고, 10이 될 수도 있는 것이다.

그만큼 강력한 브랜드 이미지를 구축하는 것이 어렵다는 것을 알 수 있으며, 브랜드 아이덴티티 자체가 강력한 브랜드 파워를 보장해 주는 것은 아니라는 것을 알 수 있다

브랜드 아이덴티티에 관한 오해

우리 기업들에도 유행처럼 브랜드 아이덴티티에 대한 필요성이 크게 대두되어 왔다. 그래서 이것이 강력한 브랜드를 구축하기 위한 일종의 만병통치약(?)인 것처럼 인식되어 여기저기서 브랜드 아이덴티티란 이름 하에 프로젝트가 실시되어 왔다.
하지만 이에 대한 검증 작업 없이 여러가지 형용사 또는 이미지들의 나열로 그친 것이 사실이다.

가장 큰 오해 중 하나는 다트머스 대학 경영학과 켈러(Kevin Lane Keller) 교수가 사용했던 브랜드 요소(Brand Elements)와의 차이일 것이다.
그는 브랜드 인지도와 브랜드 연상을 강화시켜 주는 요소로 브랜드명, 로고·심볼, 캐릭터, 슬로건, 징글, 패키지 6가지를 들고 있는데 일부에서는 이러한 브랜드 요소를 브랜드 아이덴티티로 오해하는 경우도 있다. 하지만, 켈러 교수 역시 브랜드 요소는 단지 브랜드 아이덴티티 전체의 일부라고 강조한 것을 간과해서는 안된다.

두 번째 큰 오해는 광고 등 커뮤니케이션의 일관성을 유지하기 위해 사용된 비주얼 요소를 브랜드 아이덴티티로 간주하는 것이다. 대표적인 사례가 필립스가 광고에서 지속적으로 사용하였던 웨이브(Wave)일 것이다(그림).

글로벌 브랜드가 되기 위해서는 전세계적으로 동일한 이미지를 커뮤니케이션하는 것이 중요하다는 인식하에 많은 기업들이나 브랜드들이 이러한 동일한 비주얼을 커뮤니케이션에 사용해 온 것도 사실이다. 디자인 업계에서 BI라고 부르는 작업 또한 브랜드 아이덴티티 전체가 아닌 일부분이라고 할 수 있다.
브랜드 아이덴티티 플랫폼

지금까지 많이 언급된 브랜드 아이덴티티 관련 플랫폼은 두 가지다. 하나는, 케퍼러가 제시하는 브랜드 아이덴티티 프리즘(Prism)이고(그림 3-1), 다른 하나는 아커가 제시하는 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템이다.

브랜드 아이덴티티 정의에 가장 충실하게, 보내는 쪽(발신자 ; 브랜드)과 받는 쪽(수신자 ; 소비자)으로 구분하여 설명하고 있는 것은 케퍼러의 프리즘 모델이다. 소비자가 브랜드를 통하여 얻게 되는 사회적인 투영(Reflection)과 내재적인 이미지(Self-image)까지 함께 설명하고 있다.

하지만, 이 모델의 단점은 구체적으로 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구성하는 요인들에 대한 보다 구체적인 설명이 미흡하다는 점이다.

이에 비해 아커의 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템은 브랜드 아이덴티티를 핵심 아이덴티티(Core Identity)와 확장된 아이덴티티(Extended Identity)로 나누고 그 구성 요소로 제품, 조직, 개성, 상징 4가지를 포함시켰다. 이로 인해 얻게 되는 편익(Bene-fit)과 신뢰성, 소비자와 브랜드 관계는 브랜드 아이덴티티와는 별도로 설명하고 있다. 하지만 전체적인 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템은 이 모든 것을 반영해 하나의 플랫폼으로 제시하고 있다.

아커 모델은 기존 브랜드 아이덴티티와 편익, 즉 가치제안(Value Proposition)을 구분하지 않았던 일부 시각에서 좀더 ‘브랜드가 소비자에게 전달하고자 하는 것’이라는 기본 개념에 충실하게 브랜드 아이덴티티를 별도로 분리한다.

개인적인 생각도 실제로 어떤 브랜드를 사용하면서 느끼는 기능적인 편익, 감성적 편익 등을 브랜드 아이덴티티에 포함시키는 것은 무리가 있다고 본다.

따라서, 브랜드 아이덴티티 개발 과정에서는 이런 가치 제안은, 고려는 해야 되겠지만 브랜드 아이덴티티를 확고하게 구축하는 것이 선결 과제라 하겠다.

브랜드 아이덴티티 구성

브랜드의 핵심을 파악하게 해주는 단일한 개념 브랜드 아이덴티티는 크게 핵심 아이덴티티와, 확장된 아이덴티티로 나눌 수 있다.

1996년에 아커는 제품, 조직, 개성, 상징의 4가지 구성요소가 응축되어 핵심, 확장된 아이덴티티가 된다고 했지만, 2000년 이후에는 여기에 브랜드 에센스(Brand Essence)라는 개념을 추가해 설명하고 있다.

그가 말하는 브랜드 에센스는 브랜드의 핵심을 파악하게 해주는 단일한 개념으로, 핵심 아이덴티티의 요소들을 한데 묶어주는 접착제며 모든 핵심 아이덴티티 요소들에 연결된 바퀴의 중심축이라고 정의하고 있다.

이런 브랜드 에센스의 전제조건은 고객이 공감해야 하며, 가치제안을 주도해야 한다는 것이다. 이 말은 브랜드 에센스 하면 바로 기능적 편익, 정서적 편익, 자아표현적 편익이 바로 떠올려져야 한다는 걸 의미한다. 예를 들어, 3M의 혁신(Innovation)은 바로 기능적 편익을 떠올리게도 하지만 기능적 편익을 강력하게 이끌어 혁신이라는 것을 느끼도록 해주는 것이다.

핵심 아이덴티티는 가장 크게 고려해야 할 것이 2가지인데, 하나는 시간에 관계없이 브랜드의 핵심이 되어야 한다는 것과, 다른 하나는 브랜드가 새로운 시장이나 제품에 투입될 때에도 가장 변함이 없을 것 같은 연상작용이라는 것이다.

두 번째 설명이 무엇보다 핵심 아이덴티티를 정하는데 중요한데, 새로운 시장과 새로운 제품에도 똑같이 위력을 발휘해야 하는 것이다.

예를 들어, 나이키는 최고의 운동선수, 높은 퍼포먼스(Performance), 운동을 통한 삶의 고양(高揚) 등이 핵심 아이덴티티며 나이키가 생산하는 모든 제품에서 동일하게 적용되는 것이기도 하다. 나이키 운동화를 신으면 운동을 못하던 사람도 잘할 것 같은 느낌이 바로 강력한 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축한 노력의 결과라고 할 수 있다.

이에 비해 확장된 아이덴티티는 브랜드 아이덴티티의 모든 기능을 수행하기 위한 세부요소면서, 브랜드 아이덴티티의 구조(Texture)를 짜거나 완전하게 하기 위한 것이다.

시각, 청각으로 자극을 주는 것, 브랜드 개성, 제품 관련 속성, 특징 등은 모두 확장된 아이덴티티라고 할 수 있다.

브랜드 분자 구조
샘 힐(Sam Hill)과 크리스 레더러(Chris Lederer)는 「하버드비즈니스리뷰」에 발표한 글을 발전시켜 브랜드 분자 구조(Brand Molecule)라는 것을 발표했으며, 이는 브랜드 뿐만 아니라 다양한 영역에서 활용되고 있다.

브랜드 분자 구조는 단지 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축하고자 사용한 것이라기보다는 다양한 브랜드가 존재하는, 브랜드 포트폴리오를 관리해야 하는 상황에서 사람의 기억 속에 어떤 브랜드, 또는 그 이미지의 크기가 어느 정도이며, 그 강도는 어떤지를 살펴보고자 하는 것이었다. 브랜드 이미지가 ‘브랜드 아이덴티티의 함축된 정도’라고 할 때 그 구조를 파악해 보기 위해서라도 브랜드 분자 구조는 유용하게 적용될 수 있다.

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이것은 브랜드가 독자적으로 존재한다기보다는 시장상황, 하위 브랜드 등 브랜드 체계, 브랜드 개성 등이 혼재된 환경 속에서 상호작용을 통해 만들어지기도 하며 성장한다는 것을 가정하는 것이다.

이런 브랜드 분자 구조의 효용성은 전적으로 소비자 관점에서 이를 파악하고 있다는 데서 나온다. 브랜드 아이덴티티가 기업, 즉 브랜드가 소비자에게 전달하고자 하는 많은 것들로 구성되어 있기 때문에 그 브랜드 아이덴티티가 잘 구축되었는지, 또는 소비자가 어떻게 인식하고 있는지에 대한 검증 작업은 크게 중요시되지 못했다.

우선 브랜드 아이덴티티를 어떤 형태로든 만드는 데 급급했기 때문에 성공 여부에 대한 측정, 향후 관리에 대한 부분은 소홀했던 것이 사실이다. 이에 비해 브랜드 분자 구조는 전적으로 소비자가 현재 브랜드에 대해 갖는 이미지를 분석하기 때문에, 역으로 브랜드 아이덴티티를 더욱 공고히 하기 위해 매우 필요한 작업으로 인식되고 있기도 하다.

하지만, 브랜드 분자 구조는 새롭게 태어난 브랜드에 대해 적용하기 어려운 측면이 있고, 시장 내에서 경쟁상황이 비슷한 경우에는 거의 엇비슷한 구조가 나와 그 차이를 구분지을 때 자의성이 많이 개입되는 단점도 있다. 그렇지만 브랜드 체계가 복잡한 경우에는 그 관계를 소비자 관점에서 파악할 수 있어 유용하기도 하다.

브랜드 포지셔닝

브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축하는 데 있어서 중요하게 고려해야 할 부분이 포지셔닝에 관한 것이다. 오랫동안 마케팅에서 STP(Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)는 큰 관심을 끌었다. 여기서 포지셔닝은 마케팅의 성공에 매우 중요한 의미를 갖고 있기도 하다. 차별화일 수도 있는데, 경쟁사와 다른 위치를 갖는다는 것은 그만큼 경쟁력 측면에서 중요하다. 브랜드 아이덴티티는 브랜드 포지셔닝을 잘하기 위한 기초체력과도 같은 것이라 할 수 있다.

브랜드 포지셔닝을 세그멘트(분할), 타깃팅 후 찾는 방법도 있겠지만, 브랜드 아이덴티티의 구성요소 등이 어떻게 소비자에게 인식되고 있는지를 파악하고, 이를 바탕으로 강력한 브랜드 포지셔닝을 해 나갈 수 있다.

브랜드 포지셔닝은 크게 상징적인 포지셔닝과 기능적인 포지셔닝으로 나눌 수 있다. 구체적인 포지셔닝을 위해서는 브랜드 아이덴티티의 구성요소가 어떻게 소비자에게, 어떤 강도로 인식되고 있는지를 지속적으로 점검할 필요가 있는 것이다.

처음에는 기능적인 측면이 강조되었지만 나중에는 상징적인 측면이 강조되어 강력한 브랜드가 되어갈 때 브랜드 아이덴티티 구성요소간 관계를 면밀히 살펴봄으로써 관리해 나갈 수 있다.

브랜드 포지셔닝에서 중요한 것은 역시 목표지향적(Goal-directed) 포지셔닝일 것이다. 우리가 옛날 학창 시절에 소풍 갈 때를 생각해보면, 전날 밤 잠 못이루고 아침 일찍 김밥을 싸가지고 공원이나 유원지에 갔던 일을 기억할 것이다. 이때 소풍 때문에 이 모든 일들이 일어났으며, 따라서 우리는 이를 하나로 기억하는 것이다.

마찬가지로 어떤 브랜드가 ‘건강’을 강조한다면, 소비자가 건강이라는 목표를 달성하기 위해 신경 쓰는 것, 즉 먹을 것, 사야 할 것 등과 관련된 이미지를 강력하게 구축하기 위해 브랜드 아이덴티티도 그에 맞추어 개발되어야 한다.

그러기 위해서는 소비자가 느끼는 심층 의식을 깊이 있게 이해할 필요가 있고, 이와 더불어 브랜드 아이덴티티의 어떤 요소들이 그런 목표지향적 이미지를 구축하기 위해 묶여질 수 있는지를 파악해야 한다.

나이키의 브랜드 에센스는 뛰어남(Excelling)이다. 이 ‘뛰어남’이란 목표지향적 이미지를 구축하기 위해 핵심, 확장 아이덴티티가 굳건히 버팀목이 되고 있다고 할 수 있다.

미래 브랜드아이덴티티 개발

브랜드라는 것은 매우 복잡다기(複雜多岐)한 것만은 사실이다. 브랜드 아이덴티티 또한 그렇게 단순하지만은 않다. 향후 브랜드 아이덴티티 개발에서는 과거 비주얼적인 측면에서 청각적인 요소, 즉 징글, 슬로건 등의 중요성이 커질 것이다. 소리와 관련해서는 소닉(Sonic)이라고 하여 청각 분야의 연구가 다양하게 이루어질 전망이다. 아직까지 우리 나라는 전문적으로 다루는 사람이 많이 없기는 하지만 향후에는 더욱 발전할 것으로 보인다.

이와 함께 브랜드 아이덴티티 최적화(Maximization)의 문제가 중요하게 대두될 것이다.

점차 브랜드아이덴티티를 구성하는 어떤 요소를 조합하면 가장 큰 시너지를 낼 수 있을까에 대한 논의는 더 진전될 것이다. 이것은 업종별로, 또는 브랜드별로 가장 성공적인 조합이 있을 것이고, 이를 하나의 전범(典範)으로 하여 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축해 나가는 노력들이 많아질 것이다. 최적화의 문제는 모든 구성요소의 유기적인 연결과도 관계가 깊다.

결국, 브랜드 아이덴티티는 브랜드 에센스를 키우는 궁극적인 작업이어야 하는데 브랜드 에센스를 정점(頂點)으로 각 구성 요소간 유기적인 연결이라는 문제는 매우 중요해질 전망이다.

향후 브랜드 아이덴티티의 성공 여부는 브랜드 에센스와 다른 구성요소간의 상호관계를 계량적으로 측정한 후에 판단해야 한다. 그래서 개인적으로는 다음과 같은 개괄적 브랜드 아이덴티티 플랫폼을 제안한다'

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    four. Charlotte now 9 twenty-four. 273 fourteen 1/2

    5. Wa four twenty-eight. 125 nineteen




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    3. Portland eighteen 15. 545 8

    four. Mn 15 15. 500 9 1/2

    5. Ut seventeen eighteen. 486 10



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    two. Gold Condition twenty two 11. 667 four

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    four. Sacramento 13 twenty one. 382 13 1/2

    5. Phoenix arizona 12 twenty three. 343 15



    1. San Antonio 28 9. 750 --

    two. Memphis twenty one 10. 677 3 1/2

    3. Houston 20 fourteen. 588 6

    four. Dallas 13 twenty one. 382 13

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    Birkenstock boston from NEW YORK Knicks (0030)

    Cleveland from Chi town (0100)

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    Only then, the steroid era was exposed. Now, we cast doubt on the same accomplishments that were once celebrated.

    Piazza spent his first six-plus seasons with the Dodgers, hitting 177 home runs and driving in 563 runs with a batting average of. 331. When he was traded from the Florida Marlins to the New York Mets on May 22, 1998, he had already established himself as one of the game's best hitters. Over the next eight years, he would slug 220 home runs and drive in 655 runs with the Mets. From 1999 to 2002, his four best seasons in New York, he hit 147 home runs.

    Piazza was one of the most feared hitters in the game. When he came to bat, you paid attention. He finished his career with 427 home runs, 1, 335 runs batted in, and a. 308 batting average.

    In the history of the franchise, the Mets have never had a right-handed hitter as good as Piazza. He single-handedly saved the organization back in 1998. The Mets just missed the playoffs that year, advanced to the National League Championship Series in 1999, then made it to the World Series in 2000. With one swing of the bat, he would help rebuild New York City after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

    If it weren't for Piazza, the Mets would never have been relevant at a time when the New York Yankees were the best team in baseball year in, year out. When the Yankees were winning their championships, Piazza did everything he could to make Shea Stadium the place to be. He gave the Mets power. He gave them credibility. He gave them eight years of one of the best careers in Major League Baseball history.

    Earlier today, the Baseball Writers' Association of America denied Piazza, along with some of the biggest names to ever play the game -- Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa -- entry into the Hall of Fame. It's clear that voters decided that Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, and others were not worthy of entry because they've been linked to performance-enhancing drugs.

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    Piazza, meanwhile, hasn't been linked to PEDs, though he's obviously viewed with great suspicion. Why else would the greatest hitting catcher of all time be turned away at the gates of baseball's most famous house?

    Piazza received 57. 8 percent of the vote (75 percent is needed to get in), far more than Bonds (36. 2 percent), Clemens (37. 6 percent), and Sosa (12. 5 percent). Craig Biggio, who has never been linked to steroids, came the closest, receiving 68. 2 percent of the votes. Clearly, the voters made it known that ballplayers linked to PEDs, whether there's been evidence or merely suspicion, are going to have a tough time getting in.

    It appears there will always be a cloud of suspicion hanging over Piazza, but this is what we know for sure: Piazza is one of the best players to ever put on a Mets uniform.

    For Mets fans, Piazza is the guy that you want to believe was clean. Fairly or unfairly, the voters seem to be saying that he might not have been.

    Charles Costello was a beat reporter covering the New York Mets when they traded for Mike Piazza. He was at the press conference on May 22, 1998 when the Mets announced that they had acquired Piazza, and he hosted a radio show live from Shea Stadium the next day when Piazza made his Mets debut.

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    1. NEW YORK Knicks twenty three 10. 697 --

    two. Brooklyn nineteen 15. 559 four 1/2

    3. Birkenstock boston sixteen seventeen. 485 7

    four. Philadelphia 15 20. 429 9

    5. Toronto 12 twenty two. 353 11 1/2



    1. Indy 20 fourteen. 588 --

    two. Chi town eighteen 13. 581 0 1/2

    3. Milwaukee sixteen sixteen. 500 3

    four. Detroit 13 twenty three. 361 8

    5. Cleveland 8 28. 229 12 1/2



    1. Ohio twenty three 9. 719 --

    two. Atl 20 12. 625 3

    3. Orlando, florida 12 twenty one. 364 11 1/2

    four. Charlotte now 9 twenty-four. 273 fourteen 1/2

    5. Wa four twenty-eight. 125 nineteen




    1. Okla Town twenty six 7. 788 --

    two. Colorado 20 sixteen. 556 7 1/2

    3. Portland eighteen 15. 545 8

    four. Mn 15 15. 500 9 1/2

    5. Ut seventeen eighteen. 486 10



    1. LOS ANGELES Clippers 28 8. 771 --

    two. Gold Condition twenty two 11. 667 four

    3. LOS ANGELES Lakers 15 eighteen. 455 11

    four. Sacramento 13 twenty one. 382 13 1/2

    5. Phoenix arizona 12 twenty three. 343 15



    1, http://www.esportoutlet.com/ MLB Caps. San Antonio 28 9. 750 --

    two. Memphis twenty one 10. 677 3 1/2

    3. Houston 20 fourteen. 588 6

    four. Dallas 13 twenty one. 382 13

    5. Brand new Orleans 8 twenty five. 242 seventeen 1/2


    Okla Town from Wa (0000)

    Birkenstock boston from NEW YORK Knicks (0030)

    Cleveland from Chi town (0100)

    San Antonio from Brand new Orleans (0100)

    Dallas from Ut (0200)

    Orlando, florida from Portland (0300)

    Memphis from Sacramento (0300)

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현재 많은 인터넷기업에서는 소비자에게 분산된 이미지를 전달하기 보다는 통일된 아이덴티티를 통해 고객의 방문을 유도하고 지속적인 경쟁력을 창출하려는 노력이 계속되고 있다. 우리는 종종 브랜드아이덴티티나 웹아이덴티티라는 용어를 쓰고 있지만 상당히 잘못 인식하고 있다. 실제로 많은 사람들이 브랜드아이덴티티나 웹아이덴티티를 단순히 "사이트를 디자인하는 일"로 국한시켜 생각하는 경우가 많다. 하지만 브랜드아이덴티티에 기반한 웹아이덴티티가 모호하면 강력한 브랜드를 구축하는 일은 요원해질 수 밖에 없다. 

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우선, 브랜드아이덴티티의 의미를 살펴 보면, 기업관점에서 소비자에게 연상시키려는 브랜드에 대한 기획된 연상· 의미의 집합이다. 
이와는 달리 브랜드이미지는 소비자의 연상작용에 의해 형성된 전체적인 인상의 집합이다. 즉, 브랜드아이덴티티는 소비자들이 느끼는 브랜드이미지와는 분명히 다르다. 아이덴티티(Identity)라는 말 속에는 실제로 여러가지 뜻이 내포되어 있다. 신분증명서와 같이 "본인임을 드러내는" 것으로 자신의 신원을 나타낼 수 있고, 나아가 정체성이나 개성을 나타낼 수도 있다. 그리고 "동일함"이라는 뜻으로도 사용된다. 

바로 언제나 똑같이 바뀌지 않고 유지된다는 뜻을 함축하고 있다. 우리는 어떤 사람이 마음이나 일을 자주 바꾸는 것을 보고 "조변석개(朝變夕改)"라고 표현한다. 모든 사람이 이러한 표현을 쓰게 된다면 그만큼 신뢰감을 얻지 못하고 있다고 해도 지나침이 없다. 브랜드도 고객의 신뢰를 잃으면 더 이상 생명력을 유지할 수 없다. 그렇기 때문에 오랫동안 브랜드의 생명력을 유지하기 위해서 견고한 브랜드아이덴티티의 구축과 지속적 관리는 매우 중요하다. 웹아이덴티티는 이러한 "브랜드아이덴티티를 바탕으로 특정 사이트가 가지고 있는 다양한 연상을 체계적으로 창조하고 유지하기 위해 필요한 사이트의 총체적인 연상 요소(elements)의 집합"이라고 정의할 수 있다. 

美 듀크대학 경영학과 켈러(Kevin Lane Keller)교수는 브랜드아이덴티티의 요소(elements)로 브랜드네임, 로고와 심볼, 캐릭터, 패키지, 슬로건, 징글, 패키지 디자인을 예로 들었다. 브랜드아이덴티티를 만들기 위한 재료는 그만큼 다양하다는 것을 알 수 있다. 웹을 기반으로 하는 브랜드아이덴티티는 이러한 구성요소에 유형의 제품을 포장하기 위해 필요한 패키지 디자인 대신 웹사이트 디자인이 포함되며, 웹사이트에 담기는 컨덴츠(내용)는 더욱 중요한 브랜드요소가 된다. 켈러는 "이러한 다양한 브랜드요소의 조합(mix)과 결합(match)이 중요하다"고 강조하기도 하였는 데, 실제적으로는 이 모든 브랜드요소가 브랜드아이덴티티를 구축하는 데 모두 필요하디기 보다는 전략적인 선택에 의해 취사선택되어 효과적인 아이덴티티를 구축하기 위해 이용되는 경우가 많다.  
그는 브랜드아이덴티티를 구성하는 브랜드요소 중에서 기업의 상황에 맞게 선택하여 사용하고자 할 때, 5가지 선택기준(criteria)를 제시하고 있다. 구체적으로 기억성(memorability), 의미성(meaningfulness), 전이성(transferability), 적용성(adaptability), 방어성(Protectability)이 이에 해당된다. 
또한 각 브랜드요소를 5가지 선택기준으로 살펴보면, 장단점이 존재한다. 인터넷 사이트에서는 처음 고객이 쉽게 떠올릴 수 있도록 하기 위해서는 e브랜드명과 슬로건이 중요한 역할을 하지만, 다른 요소는 한 브랜드에 대한 정보가 기억 속에 있는지 여부(재인: recognition)를 알도록 해주는 역할을 한다. 그리고 실제적인 e브랜드에 대한 연상을 불러 일으키기 위해 웹사이트디자인이나 컨텐츠를 기본적으로 생각할 수 있으나 슬로건이나 로고· 심볼, 캐릭터도 유용한 도구가 된다는 점을 알 수 있다. 

◆ 웹아이덴티티의 필요성 
웹아이덴티티는 인터넷을 기반으로 하여 급속히 성장하는 신경제(new economy) 상황에서는 그 중요성이 어느 때보다 높다고 할 수 있다. 
통일되고 총체적인 웹아이덴티티를 구축해야 하는 이유는 우선 치열해지고 있는 경쟁상황에서 경쟁우위(competitive advantage)를 지켜나가기 위해서다. 차별화된 이미지를 일관되게 구축하지 못하면 경쟁자의 도전을 받기가 쉽고, 강력한 이미지를 구축하지 못해 지속적으로 고객의 방문을 기대하기가 어렵게 된다. 
둘째, 내부적으로는 통일된 목표하에 웹아이덴티티를 구축하게 되면 장기적인 핵심역량(core compentency)을 강화할 수 있게 된다. 
동일한 목표와 통일된 아이덴티티는 빠르고 효율적으로 소비자에게 다가갈 수 있는 가장 중요한 인터넷 기업의 핵심역량인 것이다. 
셋째, 통일되지만 고객의 변화에 맞게 유연하게 대처할 수 있는 웹아이덴티티의 요구가 증가하고 있는 추세다. 
시대에 뒤떨어진 이미지나 더 이상 소비자의 마음을 끌어 들일 수 없는 브랜드요소는 궁극적으로 지금까지 구축한 브랜드파워마저 약화시키는 결과를 초래한다. 급변하는 사회와 고객의 원하는 바를 정확히 읽는 웹아이덴티티의 구축은 그만큼 절실하다고 할 수 있다. 
마지막으로 인터넷환경에서는 다양화되는 컨텐츠서비스만큼이나 그 내용 또한 천차만별이다. 아마존처럼 책, 인테리어, 장난감 등 서로 다른 이질적인 컨덴츠서비스를 제공하면서 강력한 브랜드를 구축하기 위해서는 하나의 통일된 이미지를 줄 수 있는 웹아이덴티티의 구축은 필수적이다. 

◆ 웹아이덴티티 구조 
美 버클리대학 하스경영대학원 데이비드 아커(David Aaker)교수는 브랜드아이덴티티 시스템을 제시하면서 제품으로서 브랜드, 조직으로서 브랜드, 개성으로서 브랜드, 심볼로서 브랜드라는 4가지 얼굴을 강조하였다. 
웹아이덴티티 또한 포괄적 구조하에서 인식할 필요가 있는 데, "브랜드아이덴티티를 통해 외부적으로 구현하고자 하는 총체적인 연상 집합"이라고 볼 때 아커 교수가 강조하는 바를 이해할 필요가 있다. 
웹사이트상에서는 유형의 제품을 보여주는 것이 아니기 때문에 컨텐츠서비스, 서버용량이나 기술력을 바탕으로 구현되는 속도나 편리성, 우수한 기능(시스템, 고객맞춤기능, 보안 등)과 같은 고유자산(Property)으로 대체하여 부를 수 있다. 
브랜드요소(brand elements)가 미시적인 관점에서 세부적인 개별항목을 나열할 것이라면, 아커의 브랜드아이덴티티 시스템은 사용상황, 사용자이미지, 고객-브랜드관계, 브랜드개성 등을 포함하는 거시적인 관점에서의 접근이라고 할 수 있다. 그러나 
이러한 전체적인 브랜드아이덴티티 시스템을 뒷받침할 수 있는 구체적인 실행 프로그램으로서의 브랜드아이덴티티 구조는 좀더 실무적으로 재정립될 필요도 있다. 브랜드요소를 각 사이트에 맞게 적용할 때 어떠한 순서대로 선택하여 사용할지 여부는 구체적인 브랜드아이덴티티 구축 프로세스를 정립한 후 가능하다. 
켈러나 아커가 제안한 브랜드아이덴티티 구축 모형은 병렬식으로 나열되어 정확한 구축순서와 경로가 나와 있지 않은 단점이 있어 실무적으로 적용하기는 어려움이 많은 것이 사실이다.   
가장 먼저 아이덴티티 구축을 위해 테마(theme)가 정해져야 한다. 테마는 브랜드아이덴티티를 통하여 전달하고자 하는 주된 내용이라고 할 수 있는 컨텐츠속성(context attribute)과 소비자편익(consumer benefit)을 고려하여 소비자에게 줄 수 있는 궁극적 가치를 말한다. 
다음으로 스타일(style)과 브랜드요소(elements)를 선택하게 되는 데, 스타일은 모양(shape), 색(color), 서체(typeface), 배치(arrangement)와 같은 시각적 요소와 음악의 고저, 속도, 강약에서 느껴지는 청각적 요소로 구성되어 있다. 스타일과 구성요소를 구분하자면 스타일은 브랜드아이덴티티의 테마를 표현하는 1차적인 요소라고 할 수 있고, 브랜드요소는 2차적인 요소라고 할 수 있다. 

◆ 웹아이덴티티 테마(Theme) 구조 
웹아이덴티티를 통일되게 구축하기 위해 기존에는 웹사이트를 기획하고 디자인하는 데 치중한 경향이 많았다. 
하지만 웹아이덴티티의 근간은 볼보의 안정(safety)같이 궁극적으로 소비자에게 제공할 수 있는 강력한 가치(철학)가 정립되어야만 웹사이트 디자인이나 컨텐츠가 브랜드파워를 키우기 위해 존재할 수 있게 된다. 
웹아이덴티티를 구축하는 데 있어서 테마를 설정하는 작업없이 최종적으로 소비자에게 보여지는 스타일이나 브랜드요소에만 집중하게 되면 강력한 브랜드를 키우는 것이 아니라 사상누각(砂上樓閣) 이 될 수 밖에 없다. 
웹아이덴티티의 구성의 원천인 브랜드아이덴티티 테마(theme) 구조는 우선 브랜드를 연상할 대 떠오르게 하고 싶은 내용으로 브랜드 Philosophy가 있으며, 우리브랜드가 궁극적으로 주는 가치라고 할 수 있다. 이러한 Philosophy는 경쟁자와 차별화되는 내용일 때 경쟁력을 갖게 되는 원천이 된다. 다음으로 Philosophy를 가능하게 해주는 브랜드의 능력인 핵심역량(Core Competency)이 필요하다. 
아무리 좋은 Philosophy라도 브랜드 능력이 이를 뒷받침해주지 못하면 강력한 브랜드아이덴티티와 웹아이덴티티를 구축하지 못한다. 
마지막으로 제품속성과 인식상 다른 브랜드의 제품과는 차별화된 편익을 제공해야 한다. 얼마나 적절한(relevant) 차별적 편익을 제공하느냐에 따라 브랜드아이덴티티 테마(theme)구조는 완성이 된다. 

◆ 웹아이덴티티의 확장 
우리가 형식적으로 알고 있는 브랜드아이덴티티는 단순히 머리 속에서 즉흥적으로 만들어질 때가 많다. 하지만 
서두에서도 말했듯이 브랜드아이덴티티에 기반한 웹아이덴티티 구축은 테마(theme), 스타일, 브랜드요소가 최적으로 구성되어 표출되었을 때 강력한 아이덴티티가 결정된다. 하지만 테마, 스타일, 브랜드요소는 웹아이덴티티를 구성하는 재료가 된다. 

아커의 준거틀을 좀더 확장시켜 보면 최근 브랜드아이덴티티에 기반한 웹아이덴티티는 단순한 테마나 디자인을 포함하여 고객과 브랜드사이의 관계, 브랜드개성, 조직연상, 사용자이미지 등도 중요하게 다루어진다. 컨텐츠내용 인터넷에서 제품은 바로 컨텐츠가 된다. 컨텐츠로 커머스(쇼핑, 경매, 금융 등), 커뮤니티(메일, 채팅, 클럽 등), 방송, 뉴스, 엔터테인먼트, 게임 등 다양한 내용이 포함된다. 상징내용 이미 사이트의 형태를 통일하고 색상을 통일화시켜야 한다는 것은 거의 기본적인 사항이라 할 수 있다. 
E * TRADE의 경우에는 청보라색과 연두색을 야후는 보라색과 노랑색 을 아이덴티티 색깔로 통일화시키고 있다. 
eBay나 다음(DAUM)처럼 보다 많은 색상을 아이덴티티 컬러로 사용하고 있는 브랜드도 있다. 
오프라인의 IBM는 "Big Blue"로 불려질 정도인 데, 인터넷사이트에서 이러한 "Big Blue"의 통일성은 계속 유지된다. 여기서는 브랜드 실무자들이 잘 모르고 있는 바이라인(byline)과 태그라인(tagline)에 대해서 점더 구체적으로 살펴보고자 한다. 

먼저, 브랜드명 아래나 위에 간결하게 적는 것을 바이라인이라고 한다. 브랜드명이 구체적으로 무엇을 뜻하는 지 바로 연상이 되지 않아 쉽게 이해해주거나 지향하고 있는 사업영역을 보충적으로 설명하고자 하는 경우에 유용하게 사용될 수 있다. 이와 함께 
우리에게는 징글(jingle)이나 슬로건(slogan)으로도 알려져 있는 태그라인(byline)은 바이라인과 달리 문장으로 표현되어 보다 구체적이고 차별적으로 브랜드를 인식시키게 된다. 태그라인은 단순히 말을 보기좋게 만드는 것은 아니다. 

우리가 반드시 알아야 하는 것은 태그라인은 기능적 편익(functional benefits)과 감성적 편익(emotional benefits)을 동시에 전달해주도록 만들어져야 한다는 것이다. 닷컴기업 중에는 아마존은 "세상에서 가장 위대한 선택", 다음은 "다음에서 만나자"라는 슬로건을, 야후는 짧은 운율이 있는 후렴구 요들인 "야후~~"라는 징글을 태그라인으로 사용하고 있다. 
미묘하게 기능적 편익과 정서적 편익을 잘 불러 일으키고 있다고 할 수 있다. 브랜드아이덴티티가 브랜드이미지로 전이되기 위해서 커뮤니케이션 단계에서 효과적인 방법을 사용하는 것은 바이라인이나 태그라인 같은 작은 부분에서부터 고려해볼 만하다. 조직연상 고객에게 재미있고 독특한 컨텐츠를 제공해주더라도 고객이 기업의 조직을 신뢰하지 못하면 많은 노력들이 공염불(空念佛)에 그칠 수 있다. 

네티앙이 초기의 어려움을 단기간에 극복하고 안정될 수 있었던 기반은 좋은 커뮤니티를 구축하여 고객의 만족을 꾀하기도 했지만 "네티켓" 운동을 주도적으로 펼치는 등 사회적으로 공감도를 형성하는 노력이 있었기 때문이다. 이렇게 사회적으로 의미있는 일을 하는 기업이라는 점을 지속적으로 부각하는 것이 브랜드파워를 높이는 데 매우 중요하다. 브랜드개성 사람의 성격처럼 브랜드가 가지는 성격을 말한다. 고객과 브랜드간에 얼마나 자신의 개성이 일치하는지는 중요하다. 웹사이트를 방문하면서 나의 개성과 동일시하거나 강력한 브랜드개성을 연상할 수 있으면 웹아이덴티티는 더욱 강력하게 구축될 수 있다. 

문화 · 가치내용 고객 전체에게 줄 수 있는 가치 중에서 문화적인 코드(code)를 찾아보는 것이다. 아이러브스쿨이 동문 등으로 모이기를 좋아하는 한국 사람들의 특징을 간파했기 때문에 짧은 시간에 사람들에게 깊이 인지되었다고 볼 수도 있다. 엽기라는 주제가 다양하게 쓰이는 것도 사람들 마음 속에 은연중에 내재되어 있는 하나의 문화 코드이기 때문이다. 특히, 인터넷에서 이러한 내재적인 문화 코드를 찾아내어 집중적으로 부각시키는 것은 강력한 브랜드아이덴티티를 구축하는 데 효과적인 방법이 될 수 있다. "한국을 대표하는" "개성표출의 장소" "중고품을 나누고자 하는" 등의 내용도 일부 닷컴기업 이 선점하여 활용하고 있는 문화 · 가치내용이기도 하다. 

사용자일치 강력한 브랜드아이덴티티는 결국 사용하는 사람이 누구인지에 따라 결정된다고 할 수 있다. 그래서 
사용하는 고객의 이미지를 반영(reflection)해보는 것은 우리가 간과하기 쉽기 때문에 주의가 필요하다. 사실 사용자를 제한적으로 규정하기는 어려운 것이 사실이다. 하지만 고객이 브랜드에 기대하는 이미지와 자신의 이미지가 일치한다면 강력한 브랜드로서성공가능성이 크기 때문에 브랜드와 사용자의 일치는 처음부터 고려해야 할 점이다. 사용자 이미지는 현재의 사용자가 될 수도 있지만, 미래의 사용자를 구체적으로 그려보는 노력을 끓임없이 할 필요가 있다. 이러한 이미지를 브랜드아이덴티티에 녹여내고, 사이트 디자인, 컨셉, 구체적인 표현물에 담을 때만이 고객의 뇌리 속에 강력한 브랜드이미지로 구축될 수 있다. 

사용자이미지는 다양한 형태의 모습이 될 수 있다. 하지만 사용자가 주는 이미지는 하나로 모아져야 한다. 이럴 때만이 강력한 브랜드를 구축할 수 있는 것이다. 자아일치 사용 고객의 내재적인(inward) 이미지를 그려보는 것이 그렇게 쉬운 일은 아니다. 우선 기업입장에서 고객이 내재적으로 가질 수 있는 이미지를 가정해보는 것이 중요하다. 라코스테(Lacoste)라는 브랜드는 실제 사용자들이 스포츠를 잘 하는 타입은 아니지만 내재적으로는 자신들이 스포츠클럽의 회원으로 보여지기를 원한다. 어떻게 보면 주위의 평가에 상당히 민감한 것이 요즘 고객들의 모습인 것만은 틀림없다. 인터넷환경에서도 마찬가지다. 실제 자신은 외부적으로 보일 때 소극적이고 내성적일 수 있지만 어떤 웹사이트에 들어와서 시간을 보내다 보면 적극적이고 활발한 성격으로 느낀다는 것도 브랜드아이덴티티와 웹아이덴티티를 구축하는 데 크게 중요한 요소가 된다. 

브랜드관계 고객과 브랜드사이의 관계를 규정하는 것을 말한다. 브랜드관계는 다양한 형태로 나타날 수 있는 데 이것을 구체적으로 형상화하는 노력을 다각적으로 기울여야 하겠다. 나이키는 보조자(endorsers)라는 고객과 브랜드사이의 관계가 강력하게 구축되어 있다. 그래서 나이키는 최정상급의 운동선수, 즉 마이클 조던, 안드레 아가시, 타이거 우주, 박찬호 등을 광고에 등장시켜 "최고선수와 함께 할 수 있는 기회를 제공하는" 보조자로 인식되고 있다. 야후나 라이코스 등은 "재미를 주는" 친구로 브랜드관계가 구축되어 있다. 

찰스스왑이나 E*TRADE처럼 전문적인 내용으로 조언을 주는 조언자가 있고, 아마존처럼 자신이 원하는 책을 쉽게 찾도록 도와주는 안내자로서의 브랜드관계를 구축할 수도 있다. 인터넷 환경에서는 고객이 사이트나 브랜드에 "얼마나 몰입(commitment)하느냐?"가 중요한 관건이 된다. 따라서 고객이 브랜드에 대해서 끈끈한 관계를 느끼고 자부심을 느끼게 해주는 것이 다른 무엇보다 최근 중요하게 인식되고 있다. 

◆ 웹아이덴티티의 구축 방향 
웹아이덴티티는 단순히 창조적 디자인의 표현만으로 구성되지는 않는다. 
디자인적 상징요소가 궁극적으로 변하지 않는 브랜드 가치를 제공하기 위해 이용될 때 강력한 웹아이덴티티는 구축된다. 
웹아이덴티티를 구축하기 위해서는 우선 브랜드아이덴티티의 테마(theme)을 설정하고 이에 맞추어 1차적 구성요소인 스타일과 2차적 구성요소인 브랜드요소(elements)를 조합해 나가야 한다. 
테마와 스타일, 브랜드요소의 일관성은 무엇보다 중요하게 고려되어야 한다. 스타일과 브랜드요소가 유기적으로 결합되어 최종적으로 하나의 가치를 제공하는 일이 웹아이덴티티 구축의 바른 길이라고 할 수 있다. 

브랜드컨설팅 전문업체, 브랜드네이밍, 슬로건, 아이덴티티 디자인, 브랜드 조사 등

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  17. Favicon of http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar1417-white-ceramic-ladies-watch-.. BlogIcon Emporio Armani AR1417 White Ceramic Ladies Watch New 2013/03/29 00:53 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    Basic information of Wuyi ,also known as cinnamon ,because of its aroma taste like cinnamon and spice ,so in traditionally called cinnamon .According to the new Chong county annals contained ,in the Qing Dynasty has its name .
    The tea is a cinnamon varieties of tea fresh leaves, used in making method and made ,as in Wuyi cliff tea varieties .Cinnamon tea produced in the city ,is the earliest Wuyi yuan a fir ,another said originating in the horse Zhenfeng .
    The early forty century is Wuyishan tea garden planted ten varieties to one ,since sixty time ,because its quality is special ,gradually being recognized ,cultivate area year after year to expand ,has now developed into the Wuyishan water curtain cave ,three yang ,rock ,rock ,the peak day ,noise rock ,rock ,rock ,bamboo flowers nest ,Jasper ,Kowloon nest and other places, and is vigorously to promote breeding ,has now become the main varieties of Wuyi rock tea .
    Alias :Cinnamon ,cinnamon ,cinnamon ,bacteria ,laurel ,laurel ,hot cylinder big laurel ,laurel .Source :Cinnamomum cassia Presl Lauraceae cinnamon bark .Plant morphology :evergreen trees ,fragrant .
    Bark grayish brown ,branches with four ridges ,grayish yellow pubescent .Wuyi cinnamon leaves alternate or subopposite ,leathery ,oblong to oblanceolate, apex mucronate ,base of wedge ,above green ,glossy ,from the base three veins; petiolate .
    Panicles axillary ;tepals 6 ,white ;fertile stamens 9 ,3 wheels ,inner filaments basal glands 2 ,ovary ovate .Berry purple-black ,oval ,with shallowly cup-shaped fruit tray .Florescence 6 ~ August ,fruit period between October 2 to March the following year .
    For cultivation .Produced in Yunnan ,Guangdong ,.Sampling :more than autumn cultivation of 5 ~ 10 yearsstripping bark and branch skin ,dried in the sun or shade .Properties: the product shallow groove shape or a drum shape ,grow 30 ~ 50cm,width or diameter of 3 ~ 10cm ,2 ~ 8mm in thickness .
    The outer surface of the ash brown, slightly rough ,with the transverse micro raised lenticels and fine wrinkles ;the inner surface of red brown ,smooth ,thin vertical lines, row of significant oil marks .
    Hard brittle particles ,section ,outer brown ,reddish brown and oil layer ,two layer between the 1 end of line ( yellow stone cell band ) .Gas smell strong ,sweet ,spicy .Chemical composition: volatile oil ,oil containing cinnamic aldehyde ( cinnamaldehyde ) ,cinnamyl acetate ( cinnamyl acetate ) ,eugenol ,cinnamic acid ,stupid ,acid ,GUI two terpene alcohol ( cinnzeylanol ) ,acetyl GUI two terpene alcohol ( cinnzeylanine ) .
    Taste :hot ,spicy, sweet .Functions :Supplement fire and Yang ,return fire to the source ,dispelling cold and relieving pain ,activating blood flow .For impotence ,cold palace ,Wuyi cinnamon confidantes Lengtong ,deficiency-cold Zheng Tuxie ,amenorrhea ,dysmenorrhea ,temperature by tongmai .
    Note :the main production in Sri Lanka Ceylon cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon endothelial ,often 10 to 40 sheets are overlapped into long cylindrical or double cylinder ,each about 0.5mm thick, outer surface smooth ,yellowish brown ,with wavy vertical lines .
    Efficacy of Wuyi cassia tea effect as follows: Cinnamon besides having tea taste characteristics, but also for its aroma lasting high variety aroma is people .According to the expert assessment ,cinnamon cinnamon flavor ,good with milk flavor ,aroma long bubble alive ,making four or five still have lingering fragrance ;entrance mellow back to Gan ,pharyngeal teeth Liuxiang cheek ;clear soup orange ,leaf base ,red point is bright ,green red edge shape ;the cable even, tight end curl the brown color ,green ,light oil lubrication ,part of leaf back with frog skin white .
    Wuyi cinnamon tea anti-cancer, radiation protection ,anti aging ,anti variation ,improve the effectiveness of free cover .Wuyi cassia tea in the presented study ,known as the healthy treasure ,the international tea industry evaluation of Wuyi cassia tea is all the nectar ,the magic drug .
    The professor said :Wuyi tea ,warm but not cold ,kept for a long time without deterioration ,flavour thick not bitter astringent ,sweet Sheng Prynne ,both fragrant and beautiful ,refreshing and digestion ,gas hangover, warm stomach .
    Origin of Wuyishan tea area ,is a strange stone has the strange sea of clouds and the show of beautiful landscapes .Thirty-six peaks ,Jiuqu River water roundabout ,surround the meantime .
    A mountainous area an average elevation of 650 meters ,a red sandstone of weathered soil ,loose soil ,humus content, acidity ,rainfall is abundant ,diffuse clouds ,mountains ,mild ,Rock Springs all the year round drip on .
    Tea is grown in a Yanhe ,due to the thick fog ,short sunshine ,diffusion light is much ,quality fresh tea leaf ,containing more .Wuyi cinnamon ,for clonal variety ,tea for the large shrubs ,trees with a half erect ,shoot .
    The tree can reach more than 2 meters high and .The natural growth of more than 3 meters high ,amplitude ,branching is dense ,the pitch is long ( 3 to 6 cm.) .Leaf is unripe, long leaves 6.
    6 cm to 12 cm ,elders of up to 13.3 cm ;leaf width 2 to 4.7 cm ,leaf width of the wide 6 cm ;leaf colour, but with different soil and fertilizer quantity and deep or shallow ,mesophyll thickness quality is still soft ,foliar inflexed ,demise cylinder ,a variety of characteristics ,leaf margin slightly undulate, leaf teeth fine light ,30 on the left ;the fine stability ,between 7 and 8 on the left ,leaves long elliptic ,tip blunt ,the whole plant leaves of difference .
    Strong ability to sprout ,a young ,good cold resistance .In Wuyishan the only day clock love of the ecological environment, the middle of April tea bud bud ,mid May mining rock ,in general ,can collect four times per year ,and in summer and autumn tea SUNCOO ,year mu produce can amount to 150 kilograms of above .
    Characters of Wuyi cinnamon ,for clonal variety ,tea for the large shrubs ,trees with a half erect ,shoot .Height and width of 2 meters of above .The natural growth of more than 3 meters high ,amplitude ,branching is dense ,the pitch is long ( 3 to 6 cm.
    ) .The leaf is unripe, blade length 6.6 cm to 12 cm ,elders of up to 13.3 cm ;leaf width 2 to 4.7 cm ,leaf width of the wide 6 cm ;leaf colour, but with different soil and fertilizer quantity and deep or shallow ,mesophyll thickness quality is still soft ,foliar inflexed ,into the tile cylinder shape ,are large black dragon breed characteristics ,leaf margin slightly undulate, leaf teeth fine light ,30 on the left ;veins fine stability ,7 to 8 on the left ,oblong leaves, apex obtuse ,whole plant leaf difference .
    Sprout ability, hold the tender sex is good ,good cold resistance .In Wuyishan the only day clock love of the ecological environment, the middle of April tea bud bud ,mid May mining rock ,in the general case ,annual recoverable four times, and in summer and autumn tea production SUNCOO ,year mu produce can amount to 150 kilograms of above .
    Chemical constituents of volatile oil of Wuyi cassia 1.98%-2.06% ,as its main component of cinnamic aldehyde ( cinnamaldehyde ) ,52.92%-61.20%, and cinnamyl acetate ( cinnamyl acetate ) ,cinnamic acid ethyl ester ( ethylcinnamate ) ,benzyl benzoate ( benzyl benzoate ) ,benzaldehyde ( benzaldehyde ) ,coumarin ( coumarin ) ,β-cubeb Eggplant - ( β -cadinene),calamus ene (calamenene ) ,β- elemene( β -elemane) ,protocatechuic acid ( protocatechuic acid ) ,trans-cinnamic acid ( transcinnamic acid ) .
    Wuyi cinnamon also contains 3 methyl - L - epicatechin ( 3 -methyl-( - ) -epicatechin ) ,5 ,3 methyl - L - epicatechin ,5 ,7 ,3 - L - epicatechin ,4 methyl - right - catechin ( 4 -methyl-( + ) -catechin ) ,7 ,4 methyl - right - catechin ,5 ,7 ,4 methyl - right - catechin ,epicatechin ,L - -3- - β-glucoside ,L - epicatechin -8- β -glucoside ,L - epicatechin -6- β -glucoside ,L - epicatechin ,cassia bark tannins ( cinnamtannin ) A2 ,A3 ,A4 ,original cyanidin (procyanidin) C1 ,B1 ,B2 ,B5 ,B7 ,A2 ,original cyanidin B2-8-C- β -D-glucoside ,original cyanidin B2-6-C- β -D-glucoside ,Ceylon cinnamon hormone (cinnzeylanine) ,Wuyi Cassia cinnamyl alcohol ( Ceylon cinnzeylanol ) ,dehydration dehydration in Ceylon Ceylon cinnamon ,cinnamyl alcohol and a variety of two terpenoids - Cinnamon new alcohol (cinncassiols ) A ,B ,C1 ,C2 ,C3 ,D1 ,D2 ,D3 ,D4 ,E ,A ,B cinnamon new alcohol ,C1 ,D2 ,-19- ,β-D-glucoside ,D4 -2- - β -D-glucoside ,also containing Lyonia wood phenolic -3 α - hundred - β -D-glucoside ( lyoniresinol-3 α -XXX - β -D-glucopyranoside) ,3 ,4 ,5- methoxy phenol - β -D-parsley sugar ( 1 → 6) - β -D-glucoside ( 3 ,4 ,5-trimethoxyphenol- β -D-apiofuranosyl( 1 → 6)- β -D-glucopyranoside) ,DL - Lilac resin phenol ( syringaresinol ) ,5 ,7- two methyl -3 ,4 oxymethylene - DL - epicatechin ( 5 ,7-dimethyl-3 ,4 -methylene-( + ) -epicatechin ) ,cinnamic aldehyde ring -1 of glycerol acetal ( 9 ,3- ,2 ( cinnamic aldehydecyclicglycerol-1 ) ,3-acetal ( 9 ,2 ) ) ,cinnamon aldehyde acetal ring glycerol -1 ,3- ( 9 ,2 CIS ) ,cinnamon ,cinnamon saponins glycosides ( cassioside ) ( cinnamoside ) and cinnamon polysaccharide AX ( cinnaman AX ) compounds .
    Efficacy: complement fire to help Yang ,return fire to the source ,dispelling cold and relieving pain ,temperature by blood .Sampling process must choose fine tea ,it shoots out bred in the bud the parietal lobe in open face ,pick two trefoil ,commonly known as open face mining .
    Different terrain ,different levels of new leaves ,shall respectively pay system ,adopt different techniques and measures .Today ,still use the traditional manual way, fresh leaf by wilt ,green ,water ,kneading ,baking and other processes more than 10 .
    Fresh leaf withering moderate ,is the formation of aroma taste foundation ,green tea quality formation is the key .Green should grasp heavy wilt shake ,shake light or heavy ,much less do shake ,the first light after the first few ,after the first short ,long ,look after green green is very strict technical procedures .
    In recent years, green to rolling hole type comprehensive green making machine .Cinnamon shape of the cable even curly brown color ;Lu ,oil light ;dry tea smell is sweet ,after brewing the tea ,special cream ,fruit ,cinnamon aroma; entrance mellow back to Gan ,pharyngeal teeth Liuxiang cheek ,clear soup orange ,Securinega uniform bright ,are pale green bottom red trim, making six or seven time still have rock music cinnamon .
    Pharmacological action on the central nervous system effects of 1.1. sedation :Wuyi cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde on mice with significant sedation ,manifested as a reduction of spontaneous activity ,against methamphetamine ( Methamphetamine ) generated by the excessive activity ,then test the movement disorders as well as the extension of cyclohexyl sodium barbiturate anesthesia time .
    Application of mouse tailrace stimulation or intraperitoneal injection of acetic acid writhing movement observation method demonstrates that it has analgesic effects .1.2. cooling effect on normal body temperature in mice :typhoid ,paratyphoid and mixed vaccine induced artificial fever have a cooling effect .
    Temperature induced fever in rabbits with thorns ,cinnamaldehyde and sodium citrate has antipyretic effect .Can delay the strychnine induced by tetanic convulsions and death time ,can reduce the nicotine induced by tetanic convulsions and death rate .
    On the Xu four methimazole induced is invalid .Antihypertensive effects of aconite ,Wuyi cinnamon compound on adrenal hypertensive rats ( burn side of the adrenal gland formed by model ) Wuyi cinnamon has antihypertensive effects ;in renal hypertensive rats ( Figure 8 model formed by ligation of the kidney ) ,then no effect .
    This effect may be aconite ,Wuyi cinnamon promote function reduces the activity of the adrenals ,the direction of the normal .The effect of murine schistosomiasis prevention of daily oral infusion ( undated varieties) 0.
    2ml/10g body weight (10.8g/180ml ) ,take 15 days in all ,taking third days of infection of Schistosoma japonicum ,no preventive effect, such as realgar ,betel nut and ferulic and use of the same will have a certain effect .
    On the role of blood in vitro and in vivo ,obviously inhibit ADP induced platelet aggregation in rats role, in vitro tests showing cinnamon Decoction and dissolved methanol partial strong anticoagulant effect .
    From Wuyi cinnamon extract monomer - cinnamic acid and coumarin ,anticoagulant effect is not obvious .In vivo tests cinnamon Decoction no anticoagulant effect ,does not affect the activity of fibrinolysis in rabbits .
    5 on the role of the digestive system :stomachic effect of cinnamon oil olfactory stimulation can promote gastric function ,reflection ,can also directly on the gastric mucosa to ease stimulus, so that increased secretion ,motility enhancement ,with aromatic stomachic effect .
    Cinnamon oil to the rabbits following oral administration ,can promote bowel movement ,make intestines excited .On isolated rabbit intestine also has the same effect as the ancients ,warming spleen and stomach ,eliminating cold accumulation that made a good explanation .
    Other effects of 6.1. - role : a large number of cinnamon oil can cause congestion uterus ,display path effect ,this ancient herbal said abortion effect of Wuyi cinnamon provides an experimental basis .
    6.2. sterilization :Cinnamon oil has a strong bactericidal action ,against gram positive bacteria effect than negative ,due to irritation ,are rarely used as antimicrobial agents, but external treatment can treat stomach ,flatulence pectoris .
    6.3. stomachic and carminative :can be used as a carminative oral stomachic and .There are obvious fungicidal effect ,have been applied with Wuyi cinnamon 1.5% cinnamon oil and 0.5% thymol mixture for treatment of tinea capitis .
    Cinnamic aldehyde and sodium citrate can be induced by frog feet webbed membrane vasodilation and increased white blood cells in rabbit .6.4. expectorant and antitussive effects :Cinnamon oil absorption is expelled by the lungs ,the mucus is diluted ,expectorant and antitussive effects of .
    6.5. diuretic effect :from kidney eduction and local stimulation ,showed a diuretic effect .6.6. anti radiation effect :cinnamic acid sodium on mice and dogs a cobalt 60 gamma ray whole body irradiation ,lethal experiment ,proved to have the anti radiation effect .
    6.7. anti complement effect :Wuyi cinnamon in two terpene composition of anti complement effect .Other information research from the Tang Bencao ( Chinese Dictionary ) , Shen Nong ( Chinese medicine sea ) 1 :according to the only ,two ?,laurel ,and Laurel ( one without the GUI) with the same .
    This common use was three ,with half of the volume of greasy Dan Minggui ,as most, by cloud :leaves as leaf, color black ,yellow ,red heart .2 Tang Bencao :?,bamboo ,cylinder ,is three ,or benign loop .
    The barrel ,with two or three volumes ,Hanaka Sandaowen ,tight thin skin texture Ruzhu ,Oeda Koji is both the GUI ,however ?Limbs skin cannot rewind ,taste very weak, the medicinal .
    Today only a beautiful city .The laurel wood or cloud is now laurel and laurel also name .The sweet-scented osmanthus ,and laurel leaves ?With ,but as long branch skin club name ,size ,gui .
    However big flesh of coarse empty as magnolia ,less meat flavor thin ,less branchlets skin .Branchlets flesh will mostly volume ,wrinkled ,pungent ,beauty .A cinnamon ,a cassia twig ,a .
    Into a state .Liuzhou ,to a state .? leaf like persimmon leaves, in a longitudinal Wensan Road, outside glabrous and glossy .It leaves a foot long .Tao Yun small GUI ,or leaves the small .
    Tao cited by cloud ,leaf like cedar ,don know what this is ,from the .Today there are two in laurel ,but the skin is slightly different ,if the old skin ?Hard board without meat ,all worn ;its branchlets thin volume and two or three heavy, or name ?GUI ,or cylinder GUI ,the laurel twig ,leather ,named cinnamon ,also known as the old trees ,Guizhi ;also ,big laurel ,have ginseng .
    This is a GUI ,GUI ?Left a single article ,Tao for deep incorrectly .The 3 Chinese materia medica gleaning :?Of laurel, laurel ,laurel ,heart ,has the tricolored ,and the same is a matter .
    According to the Guilin ,by name ,GUI ,this place ,does not leave the shire .From the ridge to the south at sea ,as far as the laurels ,but willow ,as most .Taste namely ,skin and thick hard ,thick and thin will ,be old .
    The old thin for color ,with thick tender for color ,tender ,spices ,and then roll ;old will be tasteless, naturally thin .Thin plate ,i.e. ,GUI ,with old name Yan ;barrel rolls ,namely ?GUI also ,with tender and easy to roll .
    Cuba has a barrel GUI ,the character resembles ?Word ,later generations and errors of books ,learning and custom ,as for the book ,and follow .The heart is trimmed skin armour fault ,its close ,symplectic and taste .
    4 after this draft :this south of the Five Ridges Institute ,has cylinder GUI ,cinnamon ,GUI ,Gui Gui ,heart ,the name plate ,and doctors with rare ,respectively .The old eccentric ?,such as bamboo ,two or three cases ,are now called laurel also barrel .
    Cylinder ,word near ,or pass ?Write error ear .Cloud also is cinnamon .A thin ,yellow cinnamon ,low fat meat ,gas such as magnolia ,taste is also similar ,peeled off the skin name ,heart ,this so-called official GUI ,this also is suspected .
    The GUI is half of the volume of greasy ,this so-called plate GUI ,this also is suspected .This concept of Penn ,appropriate ,Shao ,chin states of winner, species are all different ,but all the title said laurel ,without complex alias .
    5 schema ,namely :the GUI Zhihou and pungent ,Gui Gui ,is thin and light , improper BIE Lu again ,this is a .GUI several ,this visit :it leaves as long as the loquat leaf ,hard hair and teeth, its flowers white ,the skin greasy .
    ? leaves such as persimmon leaf and pointed narrow optical net ,three vertical text without serrations, the flowers have yellow Youbai ,its thin skin and volume .This businessman goods ,are the two gui .
    But to roll for laurel ,half of the volume ?And plate for a GUI ,which understand .Su Gong said, see now are doctors ,,Chen bearing fault bacteria .It is a matter of will .
    Tao Hongjing laurel leaf Sibai like words ,also not .Leaves of laurel ,but taking home the cloud ,the laurel also cure .Su Gong said slightly ming .Also in Qinzhou for improper words laurel also .
    GUI cinnamon ,is also .Thick and pungent ,to rough skin .To its inner and outer skins ,namely ,heart .The GUI ,Ki Keiya ,thin and light ,to the rough skin .The thin as a cassia twig .
    Branch of the young is Liu gui .6 the classics :male ,laurel ,laurel ? and set up ,a famous doctor don . Compendium of Materia Medica think ,namely ,GUI ,and the two combined into one .
    And the cloud : GUI is also visible ,cinnamon ,cinnamon ,cinnamon as one and the same .As for the GUI ,called the Tao Hongjing ?Circle such as bamboo , says : after this bark green ,thin Juanruo tube ,also called barrel gui .
    Accordingly ,this Officer immediately ?GUI gui .Discuss the famous 1 :Lord gas Keni ,nodes of GAS pharyngitis breath ,Lee joint ,Buzhong yiqi .2 do not recorded :the main heartache ,hypochondriac hypochondriac pain ,wind ,temperature and ribs ,Tongmai ,relieving restlessness ,sweating .
    The main temperature, liver qi ,cold ,cold heart disease ,cholera cramp ,headache ,low back pain ,stop spit ,cough ,nasal ?;to abortion ,strong joints ,pass blood ,inadequate propaganda of sparse ;100 medicine ,no fear .
    3 on resistance :attending nine kinds of heart ,killing three insects ,main broken blood ,Tom Lee on closed ,treat soft foot ,numbness ,heartless ,retention of placenta ,except Keni ,gas balance, hold on ,stop intra-abdominal air conditioning ,unbearably painful ,main diarrhea ,nasal polyps .
    Kill with poison .4 Hua Zi : for all materia medica ethos, fill general debility ,through nine apertures ,Lee joint ,Yijing ,bright ,warm waist ,broken Xuan ,cirrhosis of liver ,eliminate blood stasis ,treatment of wandering arthritis joint contractures ,continued the physique, raw muscle .
    5 : pearl sac to defend the stroke of evil ,and lower abdominal pain .6 Medicine origin :s coke under insufficient ,treatment of heavy cold chronic cold and table virtual spontaneous sweating .
    The secret :leakage ,thirst .7 heart :use cold evil ,treating renal mass .8 the king Haogu :fill the insufficient ,Yi Yin fire .9 schema : cure arthritis ,wind Yin ,Yin blood loss ,Xie Li ,Jing ?Rule Yang hemorrhagic smallpox ,inner nature ,can draw blood sweat fester ,solution Shefu poison .
    10 soup :the number of Materia Medica in all sizes ,different old zhuang .... ... Materia Medica said a small virus ,also from the class ,and Radix Scutellariae ,Rhizoma Coptidis in order to make the small poison ,where facilities ;and black ,attached to ,check is the heat ;if the toxic person with little toxicity ,only to turn very big poison ,ginseng ,Ophiopogon ,licorice and ;used together, can tune in Qi ,is taking a long time .
    The medicine can support wing gas and solid Defensive Qi ,in full sun is in heart ,heart http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-diamond-grey-leather-watch-ar3163-p-3442.html EMPORIO ARMANI DIAMOND GREY LEATHER WATCH AR3163,the hand Shaoyin also .If a word said Li Rong ,is blood ,so the by words pass blood also .
    If and croton ,sal ammoniac ,dry paint ,Shan Jia ,leech ,gadfly so toxic ,with little poison for poison .The class of just know .11 :the heart ,into two or three points on yin tonic ,it can move and tonifying blood ,by the pungent L.
    pneumophila and water line blood ,kidney partial pain also .12 resistance : Gui ,guidance class Ming Yang, reconcile wing Weizhi gas http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar5836-mens-chronograph-black-leather-casual-wa-p-3663.html Emporio Armani AR5836 - Mens Chronograph Black Leather Casual Wa,only the symplectic thermally assisted gas upstream Yang road .
    Blood for the camp ,gas for Wei, Wei mismatched harmonic ,GUI can guide Yang Xuan pass blood ,so that blood counterparts . The Council Shiquandabu Decoction with four gentlemen and Astragalus Qi ,Siwu Decoction blood, with cinnamon ,is the Yang and Wei Qi ,the four gentlemen ,Siwu are to supplement the work of .
    13 resistance identified suspect :laurel of heart ,the most intense, many can not suit ,with two Chen Qi effect ,with Siwu line blood power speed .14 schema :Cinnamon downlink ,benefits of fire ,the East yuan called renal bitter dry, fresh urgency of Xin Yirun ,cou reason caused by open ,fluid, through its also gas .
    Holy Benevolent Prescriptions words in heart ,heart ,blood ,sweat of suppuration .Cover hand Shaoyin sovereign fire ,Jueyin is fire ,and the same also gas . Don cloud ,GUI Tong blood .
    Words ,infantile convulsion and diarrhea ,and should use five water chestnutsdisperse to purging fire ,soil moisture ,within the GUI can suppress liver spleen and help .And I recorded medicine cloud ,have the optimal swelling, spleen deficiency not diet ,hepatic veins Sheng ,spleen weak pulse ,with the medicine treatment of liver spleen deficiency is more ,use warm medicine to cure the spleen ,liver more Sheng ,but in medicine more cinnamon ,liver and invigorating spleen to kill ,so for two .
    Biography cloud ,wood ,and dry ,is also .These are separate records and flunarizine liver qi ,and laurel treating hypochondriac pain threaten anemo match ,people do not know ,this came out .
    And laurel of Xin powder ,can pass the uterus and blood breaking ,so do not recorded it is an abortion ,Pang when cloud is not damaged tire also fry .And lilacs ,officer Guizhi smallpox ash collapse, can ventor suppuration .
    The 15 Chinese Materia Medica :Gui ,GUI Heart Sutra ,cinnamon ,husband five spicy Gan divergence for Yang, four hot also Yang Chun-yang ;taste ,the powder can be cold ;since filled ,so can the fact table ;symplectic dispersion ,heat to do ,Gan and ,therefore it can into the blood line blood ,kidney dry run .
    The main benefit of liver qi ,headache ,sweating ,stop ,stop coughing ,spitting out ,nose ,and scanty insufficient ,table ?Virtual spontaneous sweating, wandering arthritis joints spasm of pain ,cassia twig rule .
    The diseases are the table empty not as cold ,cold evil guest due, so are in the fact table ,with the band also can .Their main confidant and cold disease ,cholera cramps ,low back pain ,abortion ,temperature ,solid bones ,pass blood ,about 100 medicine and fearless ,and complement deficiency ,treatment of coke under heavy cold chronic cold ,leakage ,thirst ,cold ,winter stop wing to defend by lower abdominal pain due to cold ,compensation ,benefits of Mingmen fire Yin ,cinnamon rule .
    Gas thin end ,on Fuda table ,so the treatment of cassia twig off evil table for disease .Flavour is thick Xin Gan thermal, and travel ,the cinnamon ,laurel Xinzhi Mingmen fire deficiency ,Yang deficiency cold in action ,and all virtual cold ,cold pathogen in the guest for the disease .
    Covered with cinnamon ,cinnamon spice and sweet hot ,so Yiyang ;Gan into blood, symplectic can traverse ,heat passage ,in three ,so the good blood .The word 16 materia medica :Wuyi cinnamon ,cure chronic heavy cold cold medicine also .
    Every element by virtual lack of Wuyi meat cold limbs ,or a low back pain and vomiting vomiting diarrhea ,heart and kidney deficiency and chronic or long cold not cold ,or run a cold hernia and attack rushed to death, or cold stomach roundworm and heart diaphragm full expansion, or qi and blood and condensation meridians repressor ,false this flavour is thick Xin Gan hot ,walking under the fabric ,Zhuang Yang Plant of life ,heart and kidney qi ,promoting 100 medicine ,not shrink ,so long the Yin Yang consumers, and the card white back .
    17 Chinese Materia Medica is :Wuyi cinnamon ,good liver wood of evil ,and do good to help liver Yang, but sweet, the spleen earth ,where the liver Xie g soil without fire ,with this wonderful .
    With ginseng ,attached ,Rehmannia with ,most fall under fire ,and Jiao Yuanyang short ;and angelica, chuanxiong and use of the same ,the treat woman postpartum blood stasis infant ,and pediatric pox deficiency ,can not afford to have an itch in one .
    18 Chinese Materia Medica :Department of Wuyi cinnamon ,cold evil and gas ,downlink and kidney ,can fuse to the original to pass gas ,and breaking up uterus blood abortion ,the agile, can take to keep the agent .
    If guest cold make kidney, also rushed up and slow pulse and blood, in which will be used .The stasis ,treatment of hernia ,eliminating carbuncle active ,cover blood is Yin ,with the will to and ear .
    19 jade of drug solution :Wuyi cinnamon ,warm a free, big blood temperature in gas .Xiang Gan Gan Xin Xiangzhi wood ,soil ,gas ,good lag nodes ,is the solution to the depression of liver and spleen .
    Where the main and collateral channels and blood stasis ,Tibetan Fu crux ,joint block ,a pain and other symptoms ,but temperature gas weak ,blood passes the cold ,to first off relief ,nine .
    However, purple black block ,corruption is not fresh ,all this disease also .Women month ,postpartum ,a variety of the disease ,not the .Noted with cinnamon ,complementary medicine can .
    The Department also Wuyi cinnamon bark ,Lord away table ,but the heavy adept ,the walk in the table ,the power to direct ,viscera ,and cassia twig went through the main and collateral channels are different .
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    After snapping the long losing skid with a 91-81 victory at Chicago on Monday, Charlotte lost 106-104 to Cleveland at home on Friday night.

    Ramon Sessions added 15 points, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist scored 11, and Bismack Biyombo had 10 points and 17 rebounds for the Bobcats.

    ''It definitely helped push us away from that losing streak and get on with life, '' Charlotte coach Mike Dunlop said about the team's latest win.

    Tayshaun Prince scored 21 points to lead Detroit, which snapped a four-game winning streak. Greg Monroe had 18 points, 14 rebounds and six assists and Rodney Stuckey also scored 18 points.

    ''They're a team that when you score on them, they push it right back down your throat. They come at you 100 times faster than you went at them, '' Pistons' rookie center Andre Drummond said. ''That's one of the teams that when you score, you miss a shot, you gotta get back quick or else they're going to score on you. ''

    Walker's driving layup with 7. 8 seconds left in regulation tied the score at 96-all, sending the game to overtime.

    ''I'm just trying to make the best play possible. Whether it's a pass or making a basket, '' Walker said. ''Tonight it was the basket that put us into overtime. ''

    Then, he and Tyrus Thomas had four points each for Charlotte in the extra period.

    ''He's got a big heart and he knows how to close a game, '' Dunlop said about Walker. ''He's a special player. ''

    Thomas, who had 13 points, was playing in only his second game after missing six weeks with a right calf strain.

    Prince's jump hook with 2: 02 left had given the Pistons a 96-94 lead.

    Drummond scored six straight points for the Pistons and blocked shot in less than a four-minute span in the fourth quarter, as Detroit led 90-87 with 5: 39 left.

    However, Drummond then fouled Walker, who hit two free throws with 5: 15 remaining to bring the Bobcats within one.

    ''A loss is a loss, no matter who it's to. Whether it's to Derrick Rose, Kemba Walker, '' Pistons point guard Brandon Knight said. ''Those are just guys on certain teams. It's a team game. It's the Pistons lost to the Bobcats. ''

    The Pistons led 82-79 going into the fourth quarter.

    Detroit held a 60-59 lead at the half after Charlotte rallied from a 13-point deficit with less than five minutes left in the second quarter.

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    ''I think they tried to come out and hit us in the mouth in the first half, '' Gordon said.

    But the Bobcats scored the next 10 points - two free throws by Biyombo (4: 32), an alley-oop dunk by Jeff Taylor (4: 14), two more free throws by Biyombo (3: 45), Thomas' two free throws (3: 09) and Biyombo's lay-in (2: 36) cut Detroit's lead to 58-55.

    The Pistons' Knight was credited with a bucket on a goaltending call to make it 60-55 with 1: 40 left.

    But Walker ended the half with two driving lay-ups with 52. 4 and 25. 7 seconds left.

    NOTES: Bobcats forward Hakim Warrick didn't play because of flu-like symptoms and Charlotte forward/center Byron Mullens was out with a left ankle sprain.... Gordon is in his first season with Charlotte after spending the previous three with the Pistons. He averaged 12. 5 points and 26. 9 minutes in 52 games with Detroit last season.

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브랜드 아이덴티티란 무엇인가?
여기 BI의 정의 개발과정, 그리고 다양한 관련 지식 정보들을 소개합니다.

* 본 글내용은 BDMI 홍성민 대표님께 브랜드 아이덴티티 공식적으로 제공받은 자료입니다.

브랜드아이덴티티 개발과정

브랜드 아이덴티티 개념
‘브랜드 아이덴티티(Brand Identity)’라는 개념은 학자들이나 실무자들에게는 매우 복잡하고 혼란스러운 개념이다. 특히 브랜드 이미지, 브랜드 개성, 브랜드 요소 등의 용어와 어떻게 다른 것인지 정확한 구분을 해내기도 그리 쉬운 일이 아니다. 그리고 디자인 업계에서 사용하고 있는 BI(Brand Identity)라는 용어 또한 그 개념을 혼란스럽게 하기는 마찬가지다.

브랜드 아이덴티티라는 용어는 프랑스 HEC(Hautes Etudes Commerciales)의 마케팅 교수인 쟝 노엘 케퍼러(Jean-Noel Kapferer)에 의해서 사용되었다가 1996년에 UC버클리 경영학과 교수인 데이비드 아커(David A. Aaker)가 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템을 제안하면서 실무적으로 많은 발전을 이루게 되었다.

브랜드 아이덴티티가 기업 입장에서 소비자에게 전달하고자 하는 것이라면, 브랜드 이미지는 소비자에게 형성된 것이라고 할 수 있다.
결국 기업이 브랜드를 통해 알리고자 하는 것이 100이라면 그 중 소비자가 이미지로 형성해 기억하고 있는 것은 50이 될 수도 있고, 10이 될 수도 있는 것이다.

그만큼 강력한 브랜드 이미지를 구축하는 것이 어렵다는 것을 알 수 있으며, 브랜드 아이덴티티 자체가 강력한 브랜드 파워를 보장해 주는 것은 아니라는 것을 알 수 있다

브랜드 아이덴티티에 관한 오해

우리 기업들에도 유행처럼 브랜드 아이덴티티에 대한 필요성이 크게 대두되어 왔다. 그래서 이것이 강력한 브랜드를 구축하기 위한 일종의 만병통치약(?)인 것처럼 인식되어 여기저기서 브랜드 아이덴티티란 이름 하에 프로젝트가 실시되어 왔다.
하지만 이에 대한 검증 작업 없이 여러가지 형용사 또는 이미지들의 나열로 그친 것이 사실이다.

가장 큰 오해 중 하나는 다트머스 대학 경영학과 켈러(Kevin Lane Keller) 교수가 사용했던 브랜드 요소(Brand Elements)와의 차이일 것이다.
그는 브랜드 인지도와 브랜드 연상을 강화시켜 주는 요소로 브랜드명, 로고·심볼, 캐릭터, 슬로건, 징글, 패키지 6가지를 들고 있는데 일부에서는 이러한 브랜드 요소를 브랜드 아이덴티티로 오해하는 경우도 있다. 하지만, 켈러 교수 역시 브랜드 요소는 단지 브랜드 아이덴티티 전체의 일부라고 강조한 것을 간과해서는 안된다.

두 번째 큰 오해는 광고 등 커뮤니케이션의 일관성을 유지하기 위해 사용된 비주얼 요소를 브랜드 아이덴티티로 간주하는 것이다. 대표적인 사례가 필립스가 광고에서 지속적으로 사용하였던 웨이브(Wave)일 것이다(그림).

글로벌 브랜드가 되기 위해서는 전세계적으로 동일한 이미지를 커뮤니케이션하는 것이 중요하다는 인식하에 많은 기업들이나 브랜드들이 이러한 동일한 비주얼을 커뮤니케이션에 사용해 온 것도 사실이다. 디자인 업계에서 BI라고 부르는 작업 또한 브랜드 아이덴티티 전체가 아닌 일부분이라고 할 수 있다.
브랜드 아이덴티티 플랫폼

지금까지 많이 언급된 브랜드 아이덴티티 관련 플랫폼은 두 가지다. 하나는, 케퍼러가 제시하는 브랜드 아이덴티티 프리즘(Prism)이고(그림 3-1), 다른 하나는 아커가 제시하는 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템이다.

브랜드 아이덴티티 정의에 가장 충실하게, 보내는 쪽(발신자 ; 브랜드)과 받는 쪽(수신자 ; 소비자)으로 구분하여 설명하고 있는 것은 케퍼러의 프리즘 모델이다. 소비자가 브랜드를 통하여 얻게 되는 사회적인 투영(Reflection)과 내재적인 이미지(Self-image)까지 함께 설명하고 있다.

하지만, 이 모델의 단점은 구체적으로 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구성하는 요인들에 대한 보다 구체적인 설명이 미흡하다는 점이다.

이에 비해 아커의 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템은 브랜드 아이덴티티를 핵심 아이덴티티(Core Identity)와 확장된 아이덴티티(Extended Identity)로 나누고 그 구성 요소로 제품, 조직, 개성, 상징 4가지를 포함시켰다. 이로 인해 얻게 되는 편익(Bene-fit)과 신뢰성, 소비자와 브랜드 관계는 브랜드 아이덴티티와는 별도로 설명하고 있다. 하지만 전체적인 브랜드 아이덴티티 시스템은 이 모든 것을 반영해 하나의 플랫폼으로 제시하고 있다.

아커 모델은 기존 브랜드 아이덴티티와 편익, 즉 가치제안(Value Proposition)을 구분하지 않았던 일부 시각에서 좀더 ‘브랜드가 소비자에게 전달하고자 하는 것’이라는 기본 개념에 충실하게 브랜드 아이덴티티를 별도로 분리한다.

개인적인 생각도 실제로 어떤 브랜드를 사용하면서 느끼는 기능적인 편익, 감성적 편익 등을 브랜드 아이덴티티에 포함시키는 것은 무리가 있다고 본다.

따라서, 브랜드 아이덴티티 개발 과정에서는 이런 가치 제안은, 고려는 해야 되겠지만 브랜드 아이덴티티를 확고하게 구축하는 것이 선결 과제라 하겠다.

브랜드 아이덴티티 구성

브랜드의 핵심을 파악하게 해주는 단일한 개념 브랜드 아이덴티티는 크게 핵심 아이덴티티와, 확장된 아이덴티티로 나눌 수 있다.

1996년에 아커는 제품, 조직, 개성, 상징의 4가지 구성요소가 응축되어 핵심, 확장된 아이덴티티가 된다고 했지만, 2000년 이후에는 여기에 브랜드 에센스(Brand Essence)라는 개념을 추가해 설명하고 있다.

그가 말하는 브랜드 에센스는 브랜드의 핵심을 파악하게 해주는 단일한 개념으로, 핵심 아이덴티티의 요소들을 한데 묶어주는 접착제며 모든 핵심 아이덴티티 요소들에 연결된 바퀴의 중심축이라고 정의하고 있다.

이런 브랜드 에센스의 전제조건은 고객이 공감해야 하며, 가치제안을 주도해야 한다는 것이다. 이 말은 브랜드 에센스 하면 바로 기능적 편익, 정서적 편익, 자아표현적 편익이 바로 떠올려져야 한다는 걸 의미한다. 예를 들어, 3M의 혁신(Innovation)은 바로 기능적 편익을 떠올리게도 하지만 기능적 편익을 강력하게 이끌어 혁신이라는 것을 느끼도록 해주는 것이다.

핵심 아이덴티티는 가장 크게 고려해야 할 것이 2가지인데, 하나는 시간에 관계없이 브랜드의 핵심이 되어야 한다는 것과, 다른 하나는 브랜드가 새로운 시장이나 제품에 투입될 때에도 가장 변함이 없을 것 같은 연상작용이라는 것이다.

두 번째 설명이 무엇보다 핵심 아이덴티티를 정하는데 중요한데, 새로운 시장과 새로운 제품에도 똑같이 위력을 발휘해야 하는 것이다.

예를 들어, 나이키는 최고의 운동선수, 높은 퍼포먼스(Performance), 운동을 통한 삶의 고양(高揚) 등이 핵심 아이덴티티며 나이키가 생산하는 모든 제품에서 동일하게 적용되는 것이기도 하다. 나이키 운동화를 신으면 운동을 못하던 사람도 잘할 것 같은 느낌이 바로 강력한 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축한 노력의 결과라고 할 수 있다.

이에 비해 확장된 아이덴티티는 브랜드 아이덴티티의 모든 기능을 수행하기 위한 세부요소면서, 브랜드 아이덴티티의 구조(Texture)를 짜거나 완전하게 하기 위한 것이다.

시각, 청각으로 자극을 주는 것, 브랜드 개성, 제품 관련 속성, 특징 등은 모두 확장된 아이덴티티라고 할 수 있다.

브랜드 분자 구조
샘 힐(Sam Hill)과 크리스 레더러(Chris Lederer)는 「하버드비즈니스리뷰」에 발표한 글을 발전시켜 브랜드 분자 구조(Brand Molecule)라는 것을 발표했으며, 이는 브랜드 뿐만 아니라 다양한 영역에서 활용되고 있다.

브랜드 분자 구조는 단지 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축하고자 사용한 것이라기보다는 다양한 브랜드가 존재하는, 브랜드 포트폴리오를 관리해야 하는 상황에서 사람의 기억 속에 어떤 브랜드, 또는 그 이미지의 크기가 어느 정도이며, 그 강도는 어떤지를 살펴보고자 하는 것이었다. 브랜드 이미지가 ‘브랜드 아이덴티티의 함축된 정도’라고 할 때 그 구조를 파악해 보기 위해서라도 브랜드 분자 구조는 유용하게 적용될 수 있다.

일본에서는 히토츠바시 대학의 이쿠츠 교수 등이 ‘콘텍스트 브랜드(Context Brand)’라는 용어를 만들기도 했는데, 문맥이나 환경 속에서 파악되는 브랜드 이미지를 분석하는 방법으로 제안되기도 했다.

이것은 브랜드가 독자적으로 존재한다기보다는 시장상황, 하위 브랜드 등 브랜드 체계, 브랜드 개성 등이 혼재된 환경 속에서 상호작용을 통해 만들어지기도 하며 성장한다는 것을 가정하는 것이다.

이런 브랜드 분자 구조의 효용성은 전적으로 소비자 관점에서 이를 파악하고 있다는 데서 나온다. 브랜드 아이덴티티가 기업, 즉 브랜드가 소비자에게 전달하고자 하는 많은 것들로 구성되어 있기 때문에 그 브랜드 아이덴티티가 잘 구축되었는지, 또는 소비자가 어떻게 인식하고 있는지에 대한 검증 작업은 크게 중요시되지 못했다.

우선 브랜드 아이덴티티를 어떤 형태로든 만드는 데 급급했기 때문에 성공 여부에 대한 측정, 향후 관리에 대한 부분은 소홀했던 것이 사실이다. 이에 비해 브랜드 분자 구조는 전적으로 소비자가 현재 브랜드에 대해 갖는 이미지를 분석하기 때문에, 역으로 브랜드 아이덴티티를 더욱 공고히 하기 위해 매우 필요한 작업으로 인식되고 있기도 하다.

하지만, 브랜드 분자 구조는 새롭게 태어난 브랜드에 대해 적용하기 어려운 측면이 있고, 시장 내에서 경쟁상황이 비슷한 경우에는 거의 엇비슷한 구조가 나와 그 차이를 구분지을 때 자의성이 많이 개입되는 단점도 있다. 그렇지만 브랜드 체계가 복잡한 경우에는 그 관계를 소비자 관점에서 파악할 수 있어 유용하기도 하다.

브랜드 포지셔닝

브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축하는 데 있어서 중요하게 고려해야 할 부분이 포지셔닝에 관한 것이다. 오랫동안 마케팅에서 STP(Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)는 큰 관심을 끌었다. 여기서 포지셔닝은 마케팅의 성공에 매우 중요한 의미를 갖고 있기도 하다. 차별화일 수도 있는데, 경쟁사와 다른 위치를 갖는다는 것은 그만큼 경쟁력 측면에서 중요하다. 브랜드 아이덴티티는 브랜드 포지셔닝을 잘하기 위한 기초체력과도 같은 것이라 할 수 있다.

브랜드 포지셔닝을 세그멘트(분할), 타깃팅 후 찾는 방법도 있겠지만, 브랜드 아이덴티티의 구성요소 등이 어떻게 소비자에게 인식되고 있는지를 파악하고, 이를 바탕으로 강력한 브랜드 포지셔닝을 해 나갈 수 있다.

브랜드 포지셔닝은 크게 상징적인 포지셔닝과 기능적인 포지셔닝으로 나눌 수 있다. 구체적인 포지셔닝을 위해서는 브랜드 아이덴티티의 구성요소가 어떻게 소비자에게, 어떤 강도로 인식되고 있는지를 지속적으로 점검할 필요가 있는 것이다.

처음에는 기능적인 측면이 강조되었지만 나중에는 상징적인 측면이 강조되어 강력한 브랜드가 되어갈 때 브랜드 아이덴티티 구성요소간 관계를 면밀히 살펴봄으로써 관리해 나갈 수 있다.

브랜드 포지셔닝에서 중요한 것은 역시 목표지향적(Goal-directed) 포지셔닝일 것이다. 우리가 옛날 학창 시절에 소풍 갈 때를 생각해보면, 전날 밤 잠 못이루고 아침 일찍 김밥을 싸가지고 공원이나 유원지에 갔던 일을 기억할 것이다. 이때 소풍 때문에 이 모든 일들이 일어났으며, 따라서 우리는 이를 하나로 기억하는 것이다.

마찬가지로 어떤 브랜드가 ‘건강’을 강조한다면, 소비자가 건강이라는 목표를 달성하기 위해 신경 쓰는 것, 즉 먹을 것, 사야 할 것 등과 관련된 이미지를 강력하게 구축하기 위해 브랜드 아이덴티티도 그에 맞추어 개발되어야 한다.

그러기 위해서는 소비자가 느끼는 심층 의식을 깊이 있게 이해할 필요가 있고, 이와 더불어 브랜드 아이덴티티의 어떤 요소들이 그런 목표지향적 이미지를 구축하기 위해 묶여질 수 있는지를 파악해야 한다.

나이키의 브랜드 에센스는 뛰어남(Excelling)이다. 이 ‘뛰어남’이란 목표지향적 이미지를 구축하기 위해 핵심, 확장 아이덴티티가 굳건히 버팀목이 되고 있다고 할 수 있다.

미래 브랜드아이덴티티 개발

브랜드라는 것은 매우 복잡다기(複雜多岐)한 것만은 사실이다. 브랜드 아이덴티티 또한 그렇게 단순하지만은 않다. 향후 브랜드 아이덴티티 개발에서는 과거 비주얼적인 측면에서 청각적인 요소, 즉 징글, 슬로건 등의 중요성이 커질 것이다. 소리와 관련해서는 소닉(Sonic)이라고 하여 청각 분야의 연구가 다양하게 이루어질 전망이다. 아직까지 우리 나라는 전문적으로 다루는 사람이 많이 없기는 하지만 향후에는 더욱 발전할 것으로 보인다.

이와 함께 브랜드 아이덴티티 최적화(Maximization)의 문제가 중요하게 대두될 것이다.

점차 브랜드아이덴티티를 구성하는 어떤 요소를 조합하면 가장 큰 시너지를 낼 수 있을까에 대한 논의는 더 진전될 것이다. 이것은 업종별로, 또는 브랜드별로 가장 성공적인 조합이 있을 것이고, 이를 하나의 전범(典範)으로 하여 브랜드 아이덴티티를 구축해 나가는 노력들이 많아질 것이다. 최적화의 문제는 모든 구성요소의 유기적인 연결과도 관계가 깊다.

결국, 브랜드 아이덴티티는 브랜드 에센스를 키우는 궁극적인 작업이어야 하는데 브랜드 에센스를 정점(頂點)으로 각 구성 요소간 유기적인 연결이라는 문제는 매우 중요해질 전망이다.

향후 브랜드 아이덴티티의 성공 여부는 브랜드 에센스와 다른 구성요소간의 상호관계를 계량적으로 측정한 후에 판단해야 한다. 그래서 개인적으로는 다음과 같은 개괄적 브랜드 아이덴티티 플랫폼을 제안한다'

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    The red-hot runs of Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks are set for a major challenge - a visit to Oklahoma City.

    Anthony squares off with the only player ahead of him in the scoring race as his Knicks, riding the third-longest winning streak in franchise history, look to make a big statement Sunday against Kevin Durant and the Thunder.

    While Oklahoma City is battling San Antonio for the Western Conference's top seed, New York (49-26) is second in the East and on the verge of clinching the Atlantic Division thanks to its 11-game win streak. It's the team's longest since winning 15 straight from March 1-April 2, 1994.

    The latest victory, 101-83 over Milwaukee on Friday, came on the night the Knicks honored the 40th anniversary of their last championship.

    Anthony is certainly playing like he's ready to lead New York to its first title since 1972-73. He finished with 41 points Friday to tie a team record with his third straight game of at least 40. He's averaging 43. 7 points during that stretch while shooting 64. 2 percent, including 11 for 19 from 3-point range.

    "It's April, I guess. It's April. It's time to go, " Anthony said.

    The All-Star forward has increased his scoring average to 28. 3 points, right behind Durant's 28. 4. If Durant fails to crack 30 points Sunday, Anthony would move past him into the league lead with another 40-plus effort.

    "Can't say enough, he's been special for us, " Woodson said of Anthony, who also had 14 rebounds Friday.

    Durant, though, did recently tell the NBA's official website that he doesn't care if he misses out on a fourth consecutive scoring title to Anthony.

    "He can have it, " Durant said. "... I mean the stuff he's doing right now, every time he touches the ball it looks like it's going to go in. He's having a nice run right now and his confidence is high. I'm sure he's going to take over. If it happens, cool. "

    What would not be cool by Durant is seeing a win by the Knicks, who have lost their last five visits to Oklahoma City and nine of 11 overall in this series.

    The Thunder have lost only once - to Denver - in 11 home games since the All-Star break. That stretch includes a victory over the Spurs on Thursday, and they went to Indiana the next night and routed the Central Division-leading Pacers 97-75.

    Oklahoma City has won three straight and six of seven.

    "We've been building this thing for the last few weeks and it's starting to look good, so we gotta keep it up, " said Durant, who had 34 points Friday despite a bruised left calf.

    A victory by the Knicks on Sunday would easily be their most impressive of the win streak. They did beat league-best Miami on Tuesday, but the Heat played without LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. No other win during the run has come against a division leader.

    "It's that time of the season where we gotta pick it up, " Anthony said. "I felt like I needed to pick my game up and do what I have to do. "

    Anthony missed these teams' first meeting March 7 in New York due to a knee problem, and the Thunder escaped with a 95-94 victory behind Durant's 34 points.

    J. R. Smith scored 36 in that game, hitting six 3-pointers, but missed a jumper in the final seconds. Smith had yet another 30-point night Friday, his fourth in seven contests.

    New York has averaged 104. 4 points and 49. 1 percent shooting over its last eight games, but will be facing an Oklahoma City team which has held its last six opponents to averages of 87. 7 and 38. 7.

    The Thunder, scoring 108. 8 points at home to rank near the top of the league, will try to solve a Knicks team that's surrendered 86. 0 per game in its last four.

    Oklahoma City third-leading scorer Kevin Martin (14, http://www.csnPackers.com/ Packers Men's Jersey. 0 ppg) has failed to reach double figures in three of the past four games, but he keyed the win over the Knicks with 16 points and has averaged 26. 6 in his last eight against them.

    Russell Westbrook was 8 of 22 from the field for 21 points in last month's meeting. His shot remains a bit off, as he's hit 39. 7 percent over the past three games, but in that span he has averaged 24. 7 points, 8. 7 assists and 9. 0 rebounds.

    "We've matured as a team, " Westbrook said. "We're doing a good job of playing together at the right time. ".

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    They were brought in to lift the Lakers to yet another title, to add even more glitz and glamour to a star-studded town that is used to championships and winning streaks and Showtime.

    Dwight Howard and Steve Nash are finding out that all those Los angeles lights can cause quite the glare.

    The Lakers' loaded starting lineup fell to 0-4 after the visiting Denver Nuggets dealt Los angeles a 112-105 loss Sunday night at Staples Center.

    Though Lakers starters Howard, Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace all scored in double figures, the group remains winless. While Nash missed most of the early part of the season with a leg fracture and only recently came back, things have not looked much better for the team since his return.

    "It's a combo of everything, " Nash said. "There are moments we can play smarter, where we can play better defensively... when you add it all up, we're struggling. At different times, we're finding different ways to lose the game. At times I think we are getting better, but we have nothing to show for it. "

    Certainly not Sunday night, when the Nuggets used a big third quarter to regain control.

    After Los angeles outscored Denver 34-26 in the second quarter to tie the game at the half, 60-60, the Nuggets fell behind by four midway through the third quarter. Denver then held Los angeles to just five points in the final six minutes of the third, seizing a six-point lead going into the fourth quarter.

    Though the Lakers (15-18) cut the deficit to as few as three points, the Nuggets took advantage of late turnovers to send Los angeles to its third straight loss.

    After Bryant hit a 3-pointer with 36 seconds left, Denver forward Danilo Gallinari scooped up a rebound after a Howard blocked shot and hit a back-breaking 3-pointer. Bryant responded with an off-balance 3-pointer, but the Lakers were forced to foul Denver twice, and the Nuggets (20-16) hit all four free throws.

    "Our defense wasn't good for much of the game, but as the game went on, it got a little better, " Denver coach George Karl said. "They were making a lot of shots, but I thought we got better contesting, and that has not been the case most of the year, http://www.esportoutlet.com/ MLB Men's Jersey. We've been kind of an average fourth-quarter defensive team, but tonight, as the game went on, we got a little more confident and a little better defending their 'A' stuff. "

    Ty Lawson had 21 points and 10 assists to lead Denver, which had six players score in double figures. Gallinari finished with 20 points, and JaVale McGee added 17 off the Denver bench.

    The Nuggets outscored the Lakers 60-38 in the paint and 25-14 in fast-break points.

    "We're a team that attacks, " Denver forward Kenneth Faried said. "We attack the rim, each and every game. No matter who is in the paint, trying to protect it, we're going to keep attacking it. "

    Bryant had 29 points on 11-of-26 shooting and added seven assists. World Peace had 16 points, including four 3-pointers. Howard tied a career-high with 26 rebounds and added 14 points, but he had just four points in the second half. Gasol scored 11 points, and Nash contributed 10 points and 13 assists, though he turned the ball over five times.

    Now the Lakers are challenged with keeping an already fractured locker room together.

    "We've been chippy a lot this year, " Howard said. "We don't want to lose. Our intent is not to go out there and lose every game. We're in a tough stretch. We have to stay together. We can't point fingers at anybody. "

    NOTES: Steve Blake (abdominal surgery) missed the game for the Lakers. Gasol (plantar fasciitis), Howard (shoulder), Chris Duhon (back spasms) and Jordan Hill (ankle/herniated disc) played despite their ailments. Hill scored 13 points in 15 minutes.... Wilson Chandler (hip) was sidelined for the Nuggets.... Los angeles won the season series with the Nuggets last season, 3-1, before beating Denver 4-3 in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.... Nash is five assists shy of 10, 000 for his career. He currently ranks fifth on the all-time assist list, behind No. 4 Magic Johnson (10, 141).... Nuggets guard Corey Brewer had a career-high 27 points in the Denver's 126-114 in over the Lakers on Dec. 26. He scored 14 points Sunday.

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    .. A person familiar with the situation tells the Associated Press that Eddie Jordan is nearing an agreement with Rutgers to replace Mike Rice as coach.

    The person spoke on condition of anonymity because Jordan and Rutgers interim athletic director Carl Kirschner are meeting again Sunday to finalize the language in the contract before an announcement can be made. Jordan, an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Lakers, flew to New Jersey Saturday to begin the process. A deal could be in place by Monday, with a press conference later in the week.

    Jordan, 58, who played for the Scarlet Knights from 1973-77, would take over a program mired in scandal after a video was released that showed Rice kicking and grabbing players while uttering anti-gay slurs at them in practice. Jordan has been a head coach in the NBA with Sacramento, Washington and Philadelphia, and helped lead Rutgers to the 1976 Final Four.

    Rice was fired April 3, a day after the video aired on ESPN. Athletic director Tim Pernetti resigned April 5.

    Jordan, who will also meet with Rutgers President Robert Barchi, left the Scarlet Knights as the program's career leader in assists and steals. He was the point guard during the most successful era of the program's history, and was an assistant on coach Bob Wenzel's staff when the Scarlet Knights last made the NCAA tournament in 1991.

    Jordan, who has a 257-343 career coaching record in the NBA, was on the bench Friday, when the Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 118-116, at Staples Center. It is unlikely he'll be on hand Sunday night, when the Lakers play host to the San Antonio Spurs in Los Angeles.

    When Pernetti hired Rice away from Robert Morris in 2010, Jordan, who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, New Jersey Nets, Portland Trail Blazers and the Lakers, also interviewed for the position. Ultimately, Pernetti saw more in the volatile Rice, who had just taken the Colonials to consecutive NCAA tournament appearances.

    Jordan snared his first NBA head coaching job in Sacramento in March 1997, but was fired by the Kings after going 33-64. The Wizards fired him early in his sixth season after 197 victories and four playoff appearances.

    Jordan coached one miserable season in Philadelphia in 2009-10 that saw the Sixers sink toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Jordan sold his half-court, backdoor-cut style Princeton offense as the way to turn Philadelphia into a contender, but the style never meshed with the talent on the roster. The 76ers finished 27-55 that season.

    He also was an assistant with the then-New Jersey Nets, including two seasons when point guard Jason Kidd led them to the NBA Finals (2002, 2003).

    The Scarlet Knights can only hope some of that New Jersey success rubs off on Rutgers, especially after the embarrassment of the last few weeks.

    Rice was suspended three games and fined $75, 000 by the school when video of his outrageous conduct was given to Pernetti last fall. But he returned to the bench, and the Scarlet Knights finished 15-16 overall, 5-13 in the Big East. Barchi agreed with the penalty. Rutgers, incidentally, went 3-0 during Rice's suspension.

    The video showed numerous clips of Rice at practice during his three years at the school firing basketballs at players, hitting them in the back, legs, feet and shoulders. It also shows him grabbing players by their jerseys and yanking them around the court. Rice can also be heard yelling obscenities and using anti-gay slurs.

    Rice was one of the nation's hot coaching candidates in 2010, and also interviewed with Fordham, his alma mater, after that season. But he wasn't able to push Rutgers into the upper echelon of the Big East, and went 44-51. Rice was 16-38 in the league, after going 73-31 in three seasons at Robert Morris.

    Jordan's name began to surface last week, after Dan Hurley received a contract extension from Rhode Island and elected to stay at the Atlantic 10 school. Hurley was contacted by Rutgers on Monday, and was the first name on the school's list. A former high school coach at St. Benedict's Prep, in Newark, N. J., and a graduate of famed St. Anthony's, in Jersey City, N. J, http://www.ijordanshoes.com/ Jordan 23 shoes., where he played for his father, Bob, Sr., Hurley also played at Seton Hall and was an assistant at Rutgers, so his ties to New Jersey are strong.

    But Rhode Island gave him a deal through the 2019-20 season, and the school promised to commit itself financially to improving the program. Hurley went 8-21 with the Rams last year, after posting a 38-23 record in two seasons at Wagner.

    Other than Jordan, he is the only known candidate to interview with Kirschner.

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    Judgment day has arrived for Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa to find out their Hall of Fame fates.

    With the cloud of steroids shrouding many candidacies, baseball writers may fail for the only the second time in more than four decades to elect anyone to the Hall.

    About 600 people are eligible to vote in the BBWAA election, all members of the organization for 10 consecutive years at any point. Results were to be announced at 2 p. m. EST Wednesday, with the focus on first-time eligibles that include Bonds, baseball's only seven-time Most valuable Player, and Clemens, the only seven-time Cy Young Award winner.

    Since 1965, the only years the writers didn't elect a candidate were when Yogi Berra topped the 1971 vote by appearing on 67 percent of the ballots cast and when Phil Niekro headed the 1996 ballot at 68 percent. Both were chosen the following years when they achieved the 75 percent necessary for election.

    ''It really would be a shame, especially since the other people going in this year are not among the living, which will make for a rather strange ceremony, '' said the San francisco Chronicle's Susan Slusser, president of the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

    Three inductees were chosen last month by the 16-member panel considering individuals from the era before integration in 1946: Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert, umpire Hank O'Day and barehanded catcher Deacon White. They will be enshrined during a ceremony at Cooperstown on July 28.

    Also on the ballot for the first time are Sosa and Mike Piazza, power hitters whose statistics have been questioned because of the Steroids Era, and Craig Biggio, 20th on the career list with 3, 060 hits - all for the Houston Astros. Curt Schilling, 11-2 with a 2. 23 ERA in postseason play, is another ballot rookie.

    The Hall was prepared to hold a news conference Thursday with any electees. Or to not have one.

    Biggio wasn't sure whether the controversy over this year's ballot would keep all candidates out.

    ''All I know is that for this organization I did everything they ever asked me to do and I'm proud about it, so hopefully, the writers feel strongly, they liked what they saw, and we'll see what happens, '' Biggio said on Nov. 28, the day the ballot was announced.

    Jane Forbes Clark, the Hall's chairman, said last year she was not troubled by voters weighing how to evaluate players in the era of performance-enhancing drugs.

    ''I think the museum is very comfortable with the decisions that the baseball writers make, '' she said. ''And so it's not a bad debate by any means. ''

    Bonds has denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs and was convicted of one count of obstruction of justice for giving an evasive answer in 2003 to a grand jury investigating PEDs. Clemens was acquitted of perjury charges stemming from congressional testimony during which he denied using PEDs.

    Sosa, who finished with 609 home runs, was among those who tested positive in MLB's 2003 anonymous survey, The new York Times reported in 2009. He told a congressional committee in 2005 that he never took illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

    The BBWAA election rules say ''voting shall be based upon the player's record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, http://www.ijordanshoes.com/ jordan fly 23 shoes, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played. ''

    ''Steroid or HGH use is cheating, plain and simple, '' ESPN.com's Wallace Matthews wrote. ''And by definition, cheaters lack integrity, sportsmanship and character. Strike one, strike two, strike three.''

    Several holdovers from last year remain on the 37-player ballot, with top candidates including Jack Morris (67 percent), Jeff Bagwell (56 percent), Lee Smith (51 percent) and Tim Raines (49 percent).

    When the Associated Press surveyed 112 eligible voters in late November, Bonds received 45 percent support among voters who expressed an opinion, Clemens 43 percent and Sosa 18 percent. The Baseball Think Factory website compiled votes by writers who made their opinions public and with 159 ballots had everyone falling short. Biggio was at 69 percent, followed by Morris (63), Bagwell (61), Raines (61), Piazza (60), Bonds (43) and Clemens (43).

    Morris finished second last year when Barry Larkin was elected and is in his 14th and next-to-last year of eligibility. He could become the player with the highest-percentage of the vote who is not in the Hall, a mark currently held by Gil Hodges at 63 percent in 1983.

    Several players who fell just short in the BBWAA balloting later were elected by either the Veterans Committee or Old-Timers' Committee: Nellie Fox (74. 7 percent on the 1985 BBWAA ballot), Jim Bunning (74. 2 percent in 1988), Orlando Cepeda (73. 6 percent in 1994) and Frank Chance (72. 5 percent in 1945).

    Ace of three World Series winners, Morris finished with 254 victories and was the winningest pitcher of the 1980s. His 3. 90 ERA, however, is higher than that of any Hall of Famer. Morris will be joined on next year's ballot by Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, both 300-game winners.

    If no one is elected this year, there could be a logjam in 2014. Voters may select up to 10 players.

    The only certainty is the Hall is pleased with the writers' process.

    ''While the BBWAA does the actual voting, it only does so at the request of the Hall of Fame, '' said the Los angeles Times' Bill Shaikin, the organization's past president. ''If the Hall of Fame is troubled, certainly the Hall could make alternate arrangements. ''.

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